Source Races and Founders of the Civilizations of Uras (Earth)

by Quinton on October 13th, 2013
Source Races and Founders of the Civilizations of Uras (Earth)

This is an awesome chart taken from (Thanks BB)

Explanation from site:

Karma One: The extraterrestrial races that you describe (reptilians, felines, or, as with Horus, birdlike), the different castes and functions (the warrior castes, the Life Designers who create "races", etc.) come from regions very distant from one another, from different constellations. Do you know if these extraterrestrial "races" derive from a single origin, a single race? Do you have memories of what happened before the period that you describe?

Anton Parks: In Ádam Genisiš, Gerry Zeitlin and I have charted a genealogy tree from the information to which I have had access up to today. It shows that there sometimes exist direct genetic lines between certain races and, in other cases, genetic procedures, that is to say genetic manipulations (clonage). We cannot truly speak of a single origin or race; this tableau clearly demonstrates that.

But my view is limited in time; I know only the periods that relate to the personage of Sa'am (Enki-Osiris) and his posthumous son Heru (Bêl-Horus). I have then no detail on prior events, but only whatever confronted these two personalities that they subsequently encoded into Ugur, the crystal that they each carried...

Source Races and Founders of the Civilizations of Uraš (Earth). We provide (at right) the "genealogy chart" from Ádam Genisiš. This chart has several highly unusual features, never seen in standard genealogies, due to the nature of the information that it presents. We see individuals engendering entire races, using various combinations of their own DNA and that of other races, including some archived in a repository. Obviously not all generated beings are the result of natural couplings or even what you might call "personally-owned" DNA; in fact, most are due to pure laboratory-based genetic operations -- "cloning".

We attempt to distinguish these methods through the use of color-coded lines. We also (crudely) indicate the proportion of "Abgal" DNA -- from the evolutions of Sirius -- as this inheritance generally confers a high order of being. Naturally those who do not have it might disagree. And that is a hint as to the great story that will unfold.

Relative positioning on this chart is not very meaningful. However, genetic descent does run from higher to lower down the lines.

The time epoch depicted extends from indefinitely ancient through the time of arrival of renegade Gina'abul on the Earth, and on down through the Sumerian, Egyptian, and "Biblical" epochs. It depicts all of the personages and races significant to Earth development during that period. A separate graphic, found in the section Creating Humans, shows exactly who was responsible for the stepwise unfolding of the humanoid races through the modern humans, and their complete genetic heritage.

In the vastness of time, entire species have migrated from one star system to another. This is specifically the case with the Kingú-Babbar, who relocated from Ušu (Draco), where they created the Ušumgal, to Urbar'ra (Lyra), and later some went to Te (Aquila). In the genealogy chart, locations associated with root sources or with newly-created species refer to dwelling places at the time the creation took place. Thus the Kingú-Babbar are shown associated with Ušu. In other words, the overall graphic is not a snapshot of any single point in time, but rather is a composite.

The Gina'abul have a concept of father and mother. However, as stated above, very little impregnation took place. In fact, this was banned by law. Sa'am was created by his "father" An in the laboratory. Although it was clear that An contributed some of his own genetic material to his creation, it is also clear that there was something else, and what that was, was a subject of intense interest and discovery throughout the books -- or at least as far as the third volume in the Chronicles, under development at the present time.

As illustrated in the genealogy chart, Sa'am actually incorporates genetic material from his eventual lover Mamitu-Nammu, herself partly amphibian through her Abgal heritage (see Races).

Enlíl's genetic heritage is of interest. Sa'am had been attempting to create special Nungal having modified physiques and accomplished characters. He had succeeded in extracting the genetic information from cells of several progenitors -- from himself and Gina'abul cells possessed by Mamitu, programming and combining these to create a group of seven clones. He added equally the genetic material from the Nungal prototype that was derived from the same base from which Abzu-Abba had created the original Šutum. The ensemble of all this was finally mixed with several other genes from different Gina'abul ancestors taken from their library of genetic patrimony.

Sa'am's specimens contained almost a tenth of his person, a little like biological children.

The result was terribly disappointing. Although apparently brilliant, they were wily, canny, and undisciplined. Sa'am's genetic creations were intended to be of Kadištu grade, but these were violent and prone to assaulting the Nindigir (heavenly priestesses).

Unfortunately the seven emerged from their siensišárs (artificial wombs) while Sa'am was elsewhere, undergoing a critical initiation. During his absence, the priestesses put to death six of the seven, but one escaped, probably with the help of a priestess who took a fancy to him. Confronting and capturing the seventh upon his return, Sa'am, seeing much of himself in this offspring, and recalling how his own life had been spared in a parallel situation, allowed him to go free.

This was, of course, the future Enlíl.

The chart provides various names assumed by the personages whose long lives extended through many epochs. For example, it is revealed in Ádam Genisiš that Sa'am is actually the famous Enki. And so we understand that Enlil should not really be considered to be the brother of Enki as we would understand the term, and as is believed by some Sumerian "enthusiasts" today. The two do possess some genes of An.

Ušumgal. The elder, "father" of the Gina'abul, progeny of the royal root source of Urbar'ra (Lyra) (see Worlds), master and absolute lawgiver of the interior (Abzu) of Nalulkára and Abzus of all Gina'abul planets. Within the first days of his life, Sa'am pays a visit to Abzu-Abba, kills him, and inherits his lands.
"Seventh of the Ušumgal," creator of Sa'am and of the Anunna, of which he is the supreme chieftain.
Anšár Ušumgal. Male. One of the creators (the father) of An.
Nungal with enhancements. Created by Sa'am and Mamitu-Nammu. Original name: Enimin. Defective, scheduled for destruction, but escaped this fate. Ninmah took a fancy to him, requested the new name, meaning Lord of the Breath (or Word or Blow), a reference to his oratorical powers. At the time of his first period of Gibil'lásu (skin renewal), Enlil's true skin color is revealed - surprisingly to everyone except Sa'am, who had created him - to be distinctly less white than that of a common Nungal, but lighter than the Anunna. Not surprising to Sa'am, because he knew Enlil to be a mixed-blood and as such, diversity in genes can create uncertainty in physical and psychic programming.
Kišár Ušumgal. Androgyne brother/sister of Anšár and mother of An.
Lahamu Ušumgal. Progeny of the royal root source of Urbar'ra (Lyra). Androgyne progeny of Abzu-Abba. Co-creator of Anšár with Lahmu.
Lahmu Ušumgal. Progeny of the royal root source of Urbar'ra (Lyra). Male progeny of Abzu-Abba. Genetic homologue of Lahamu, differing only in sex.
"The Tree of Knowledge"
Amphibian (more fish than reptile), created by Tiamata partly from her own genes and genetic material from Gagsisá (Sirius). "Mother Tutor" of the Kadištu on Uraš (Earth). With Sa'am, co-created the Nungal. "Queen of the Throne" (Egypt).
"The Tree of Life and Death"
Grand Priestess of Nalulkára. Right arm of Tiamata. With An, co-created the Anunna.
Samaël-"The Serpent"
"The good lord, the well fashioned." A unique creation. Amphibian, cloned genderless by An with genes from himself and Mamitu-Nammu; later given male sex by mother/lover Mamitu-Nammu. Through her, partly Abgal (see Genealogy), and Kadištu. Also named Nudimmud, "The Cloner". Enki is his "Earth name" = Lord of the Ki or the Earth. He was given the name by his Nungal and the Anunna living with them at their first encampment on Uraš, and though he found it terribly pretentious, they persisted in using it. To Nammu and Sé'et (see below), he was always Sa'am or Nudimmud. Egyptian names and the usual Hebrew scriptural reference are also provided.
"Fruit of Knowledge"
"Tree of Life"
In Emešà: "The portent or force of life." A Nindigir (Priestess), Mamitu's designated successor. Presided over Sa'am's Initiation of the Fire of the Aš and participated in his coronation. Revealed to be Sa'am's genetic half sister, as her DNA is partly from Mamitu and partly Abgal (see Genealogy). This gives her much more of the Abgal genetics than either Sa'am or Mamitu has, and is the reason for the numerous Egyptian etchings showing her (or her dresses) with fish scales. Sa'am rescues her -- saves her life -- twice in the course of Volume 1 (Le Secret). As the priestess in charge of agricultural development on Dukù (see Worlds), was named Se'et: "Portent of the worked earth". Ereškigal (Sumerian name) = Sovereign of the Kigal (Gigal). Her domain is the subterranean Duat. In Sumero-Akkadian Asé'et, "the source of the harbinger of life". In Egypt "Queen of the Throne" (as was her mother Nammu/Nut). In Egyptian mythology, Aset symbolizes Goddess of Births. Across several traditions, universal mother, magician, creatrice of life. She is the Mistress of the human genes.
Inanna-Ištar (Mesopot)
Nebet Hut / Nephtys
"The Great Prostitute"
"Queen of Heaven"
Granddaughter of Enlil (Seth). Ambitious and of great beauty. Albino in skin color. Domain is the Edin desert, Enlil's Mesopotamian Plain. Mistress of Sa'am/Enki and the wet-nurse of Bel-Marduk (Horus).
Râ-af - Heru / Horus the Avenger
Enki-Osiris' reincarnation and posthumous son. As the avenger of his father Enki, strongly opposed to the Law of Yahvé (An + Enlil). This is why Yahvé and Bel (Horus) are totally opposed in the biblical texts.
Ušumgal. Queen of the Gina'abul of Margíd'da (see Worlds). Named Tigeme by the male Gina'abul of Margíd'da. Mother of Lahamu and Lahmu.
"Lilith"-"Fruit of Knowledge"
The name Dim'mege literally means "dark pillar". Queen of the Ama'argi (see Races). Daughter of Nammu (Nut); sister of Sa'am (Enki/Ea/Osiris) and Sé'et (Ereskigal/Isis). Appears to be the Sumerian LÍL-TI or the Akkadian Líltu found in the Hebraic tradition under the name Lilith. Under whatever name, always regarded in literature as a demoness of the underworld, doubtless due to the fear that she engendered and to her origin beyond human perceptions.
Hudili ("First Bird") - Zehuti/Djehuty/Thot - "Mikael", the Sage Pure Nungal clone. Happened to embark with Sa'am and Mam in the Girgirlah in which they fled to Ti-ama-te. A great scientist, exceeded Sa'am in many disciplines. Maintained limitless respect for Sa'am throughout all periods of difficulties. Egyptian god of wisdom.
Ninurta Conceived sexually and born naturally to Enlil and Ninmah early in the Kharsag period. Double polarity - strange, as Ninmah is female and Enlil true male. Doubtless the source of this is hereditary and unknown genes carried by Enlil. Sports a tail, also surprising as Enlil does not and neither, Enki believes, does Ninmah. As of early Kharsag years, has grown in the colony and considered by Enki a veritable plague possessing all rights. No one dare reprimand him for fear of being confronted by his progenitor.
Isimmud / Isimud
Alagní (clone) developed with great care by Sa'am to possess all the assets needed to deal with the diverse ruses of the Ušumgal. Double polarity. Admired and respected by all the residents of Kharsag.
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bluesbaby5050: I have already been studing this material for a while now.......

And I have to say-I LOVE IT! This is food for thought!! Truly it is. The doors to the hidden history has opened wider for us all on TRUTH CONTROL!! Thank You to the Heavenly Hosts that made this possible. BB5050.

bluesbaby5050: I had to Share this material because..............

I couldn't be selfish and keep this awesome knowledge to myself. So, my hopes is that this site will add hours of learning to the people of TC.

bluesbaby5050: The True SATAN is............

Please take notice of this from the chart above. Now you all know the truth.

bluesbaby5050: EN.LIL is Actually a Half Brother,and a CLONE born .........

From donated DNA from EN.KI. And EN.LIL was born with a tail. He is closely related to EN.KI, because EN.KI IS HIS HALF BROTHER/FATHER VIA DONATED DNA from EN.KI who created EN.LIL. Now you know why there is so much friction between the two. had spared EN.LIL'S Life after EN.LIL had escaped his own death. Please read why above.( I just wanted to point this out).

bluesbaby5050: CORRECTION.........!

After reading further into the true origins of EN.LIL I found out that EN.LIL is EN.KI'S SON, created by EN.KI in a lab, from EN.KI'S OWN DNA, and that of EN.KI'S Wife Damkina. These are the TRUE PARENTS OF EN.LIL. EN.LIL has lied all along where ever he went, and this has carried over into the history, because EN.LIL has always known the real truth, and so did everyone else, but, EN.LIL always called EN.KI his brother instead, he wanted to be his equal, and not his created son.

Tim Lovell: so was enki reptilian or what

so was enki reptilian or what because enilil is Caucasian from Sirius.

bluesbaby5050: EN.KI was a Mixed Breed also............

He was a Humanoid-Amphibian-Albino Caucasian Creation, a mixed breed, as are most of the creations as it is stated in VOL.# 1 & VOL.# 2 in the materials I posted for this forum yesterday. Quinton added a chart for this forum from this material as well. People must read this about all the creators, and the many races involved, or you will not be able to FULLY understand what this is all about. This is the History of Creation, and the Players that took part in all of this!

Tim Lovell: yes the history of the

yes the history of the creation of the slave race on earth, and the history of the family of anu etc not the history of creation of other races etc.

bluesbaby5050: THIS ALL TIES IN TOGETHER...........

And ALL is CONNECTED on a MUCH HIGHER LEVEL. This will explain why the wars took place as well. You cannot have one without the other. You always read the whole book to get all the information needed, and NOT just half the book, it has to make sense to be completed :-)

bluesbaby5050: This forum NEVER had all the TRUTH ..........

And there is a reason behind this. It was left out because it was way too much to for people digest at first, and as this forum grew in wisdom, it was time to have an upgrade in information to be released to for higher learning, and a better understanding of the full scope of what actually took place in our evolution. Most of creation was created from labs though donations. This was the Norm. It happened on a very regular basis in the galaxies. Very few creations happened though natural invitro gestations, and a female womb. Because this method has a lot of wear, and tear, and injuries can take place, and the risks of life is high, and these methods were better for all concerned. To give life, was important for the universe in order for it to thrive. Now it is time for the complete truth to be fully exposed to the Human Race.

bluesbaby5050: Now people will know who SATAN really is,......

(Satan was not supposed to survive at all.) After his creation, and the reason is also explained in detail in this information. EN.LIL told lies all the time, and he refused to acknowledge his True Creator, which was SA'AM=EN.KI, EN.KI was his Father, and DAMKINA WAS HIS MOTHER THOUGH DONATIONS OF DNA and put into artificial cylinders to grow until full term. EN.LIL WAS 1 OUT OF 7 THAT WERE MADE THE SAME, 6 WERE DESTROYED, But 1 escaped with help, and this was EN.LIL. EN.LIL KNEW VERY WELL HOW HE WAS CREATED, AND BY HIS FATHER = EN.KI. Others also knew the truth. Anu was only EN.KI'S FATHER, and NOT EN.LIL'S! ANU was the Grandfather to EN.LIL, and Everyone knew this. EN.LIL always wanted to be EN.KI'S EQUAL , and this is what caused the friction between them.

Tim Lovell: enlil was the one stopping

enlil was the one stopping humans ascending etc he /they left in 1995 anyway :)

bluesbaby5050: He/they didn't go away very far.........

Because they---> ASHTAR, and their Starship Fleets are on the Moon bases they have there, and they visit Mars as well. He will not leave Earth for long, as he/ they have many followers from Earth. He/they have an agenda with Earth, and it's inhabitants, and it has been long standing.

bluesbaby5050: He has always been a sort of a bad villian, and rightly so......

Remember the events that took place in those Bibles. He has used humans, and he has abused humans. He has some BIG BAD KARMA, along with his followers. When will Most Humans Smarten -UP? SOON I HOPE for THEIR SAKES!

UN.i1-PHI: how can we trust this (dis-)info!

or the question should be how can we interpret his info properly, especially if its disinfo, and read trough the lies, this would mean we CAN NOT TRUST THIS GUY BY ANY MEANS, and need to UN-RAVEL his lies and tactics, if it would be worth the effort tough...

it seems very interesting and all, but i now believe this is just made for this reason, to attrackt ppl interested in this kind of material and that this anton parks is just a FRAUD sent by the CIA 'to study the interest in lord EN.KI'
and most probably spread dis-info on these subjects

and i also believe i have to share this with the others forum to atleast make ppl consider this more and raise a healthy suspicion on this and to not take all this immedately as truth or good-intended, despite that some ppl may take me wrong and offensive...
so.. what do you think ppl?! besides the wishfull thinking this is all true because it may seem so..
personally, i never trusted this guy, and i know its not for nothing!

i would like to ask the master teachers of this forum if they are willing to reveal some more details on this!

(as this could be very helpful,needed(disinfo-preventive) and interesting!)

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