Some People Will be Seeing this When the Veil Lifts from Your Eyes!

by bluesbaby5050 on November 12th, 2012
Some People Will be Seeing this When the Veil Lifts from Your Eyes!

Before long, most people will be able to see this close reptilian being behind people, like their shadows, and it will be in color too! Like in this picture. You will also be able to see the true alien Hybreds, the Reptilian/Human half breeds walking around when the veil thins out enough. This will happen as your vibrations rise high enough! I have already seen this myself before. This was back in 1992. It was connected close behind a man I once knew. One reason this was connected to him was because he had a heavy drinking problem most of his life. He also had relationship problems too. This will happen when a person abuses drugs,and abuses alcohol. The alien can see a persons aura, and when a person does drugs, and is a heavey drinker ,the alien will attach itself to this person. They will be easily influenced ,and have a hard time to kick the habit without help. A person will have holes, like dark spots in their arua, and sometimes it will be bad, like swiss cheese. They are attracted to a person that has little light in their aura. This means the person is of a lower light vibration,This man I knew is now dead ,he died young. (A car accident.) I have also seen this shapeshift take place when some people are talking to me. Not all people, just some people. They are hybreds. They do not know I can see this when it is happening. I do not show any emotion to this,I don't let on to them. And I never say anything to the person it happens to. At first I didn't know what this was called, until I did some reading about this subject. I was very surprize when I first saw this, as anyone would be. But, I sure did see it when I did. I have seen redish- orange eyes too. Sometimes yellow/gold, and very dark eyes, almost black. With the ridges, and scales on the skin. You will plainly see the ridges, and the scales on the skin, and the color of the skin, and the colors will vary. They have a certain smell to them too. Unlike anything I have ever smelled before. A foul scent.They also make certain noises as well when they are in your presents, or when they are coming though into this dimentional level. Like a low hissing growl sound, and sometimes like scratching on the wall sounds.I have seen both male, and female hybreds. I get a chill down my back, and my hair on my scalp will stand on end when this does happen! I never get used to this. I don't think I ever will. I have only told this to Annunaki 77, and to Edisonki,a nd to my grown children, and they do Believe me. They know me well enough to know I would NEVER make this up. You will see these same things too. My children,and grandchildren are also very senitive to these things, and they are also physic. This will sometimes be inherent in families, but to certain degrees. Not all the family members will share all the same talents. It will vary. Some will have certain areas that they will be special in,while others will be in most, or all areas of physic abilities. Time will tell. It all comes naturally. It is not forced. So be ready for this when it does happen,and it will.We are already into the lower octave of the 4th dimention. Some of us are anyways. Some are also higher too. Always be aware of your surroundings.

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HebrianDaniel: this look like half african

this look like half african and half reptillian look at his lips similir to african one
thats look funny

bluesbaby5050: Angelina Jolie is NOT African........

And she has big thick lips too! ( She's white.)

Phaminator: But

She does look like her dad

bluesbaby5050: Yes Phaminator.....

She has some resemblence to her father, but she mostly looks like her mother. Her mom is French, and has dark eyes, and hair too.

Tarheel: Angelina had collagen injected into her lips to make them big.

A lot of models do it also because they believe it enhances their appearance.

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