Shadow People

by Quinton on February 14th, 2009
Shadow People
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mick theascende...: shadow people all roads lead to the truth the oneness

hi quinton Benjamin Fulford nice one there must be some thing we could do to help him.give me a bell.shadow people we will see lots of wierd things coming up to zero point The Dweller on the Threshold
“The ‘Dweller on the Threshold’ is several things. In Biblical allegory, it is the
angel that was placed at the gates of Eden to keep Adam and Eve from returning.
It is the most horrible demon you could possibly imagine. It is nothing but your own
separate self.
Before you can have a conscious death experience, you must first really see
the thing that you have created, that is about to die. It is a terrible selfish monster.
And if you fear it, you will recoil. If you give it life, you will not be able to pass.
Only by feeling Unselfish Love, even when confronted by this monster, will you be
able to pass.”
“And what awaits me when I pass?”
Beyond the Threshold
“Once you pass your dweller, you will enter a void. A place of nothingness
and darkness. Somewhere in that void, you will find a light. Always look towards
the center of the light, and use your will to move towards it, and into it. Do not get
distracted by anything that may happen around you - even if phantoms grab at you.
Just concentrate on the light. When you move into the light, when you are engulfed
in the light, you will be free, be One with the Universal Spirit. At this point, you
will be given a choice to stay on the Earth plane and help others, or to go on and
remain in paradise. The choice is yours, and there is no blame to going on. That is the final bottom line.’’ But generally, the conscious death experience is the end result of long efforts
at spiritual growth. Meditation, self-discipline, ‘ego-busting’,
all put pressure on the separate self and ‘corners’ it. The pain of all that,
along with losing attachments, of seeing the darkness in the world, all build up, and at some point you just can’t take it anymore. This has been called the ‘Dark night
of the Soul’. This is the point when a person will either ‘flip out’ - or flip ‘in’,
according to their free will choice. The self will tell you to run, at any cost, run! It
urges you to get away from the source of the pressure. If you do so at such an
advanced stage, you can go insane. But if you hang on, if you endure the suffering
with patience, understanding, and love, you will have a conscious death experience,
and break through to the other side. When I experienced this, it was like I was totally engulfed in darkness and depression, and I was going to end it all. I told my sister what I was going through and it felt like I was in a force field and she said just go with the flow. I eventually faced my dweller and passed on to a new consciousness. On the opposite side there was Crowley practised black magic he was looking for great knowledge he went into a cave with his wife. The cave was well known for doing rituals it is on a energy line. He done his ritual and met the Dweller and went completely insane. Crowley’s wife witnessed all this and saw the Dweller and recognised how it really was Crowley him self. And she came out of the cave with great knowledge. So if your going up the ladder of Enlightenment and met the Dweller seek a true teacher I’M on skype skype name pans_forns mick Enlightenment without Religon

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