A Serbian Vampire!

by bluesbaby5050 on November 30th, 2012
A Serbian Vampire!

ToTerra Resistence, What do you think the meaning of this symbolic crest on this mans chest stands for? He is supposed to be a real vampire from the regions of Serbia. It is said that he owned a mill grain tower, and he used to kill,and drink the blood of the people that would go to his mill to grind their grains there. What is your take on this?

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bluesbaby5050: A butterfly?

What do you think the symbol of this butterfly on his shoulder means?

HebrianDaniel: there no proof vampires are

there no proof vampires are real..

bluesbaby5050: H/D I did not say vampires were real....

I had asked TR a question about the symbols on the mans chest, the crest plate, and the red symbol on it. --->Tarheel posted this yesterday,

Bellerophon: Not real?

Why not? Or is it because you picture them the way Hollywood pictures them? :)

Bellerophon: Nope, I replied to H. Daniel

Nope, I replied to H. Daniel :)

bluesbaby5050: OK I SEE.........

Not problem. I posted it for you.

bluesbaby5050: Tarheel had made a posting about this vampire YESTERDAY....

I got this picture off a web news site TODAY,and copied this picture so I could get some information from TR about it. H/D That's where you should of made your comment to. You should of posted your comment onto Tarheel's posting on this from Yesterday, because it is still there. ---> Tarheel's Post about this from yesterday. My post was ment for TR. --->I said this was TO TR, At the TOP Where the Picture is.

Bellerophon: Can you link me to that post

Can you link me to that post of yesterday?

bluesbaby5050: My opinion on vampires.......

I do believe they ARE REAL. There are people that really do drink the blood of people for many reason,and this to me is a vampire,because they are FEEDING off the energy of that person. H/D ALWAYS wants Proof,or he is a Confirmed NON- believer,in anything UN-usual.

bluesbaby5050: As for Holloywood..........

They glorifiy anything for a buck!$$$$$$$ The OrIgins of vampires are from the SNAKE! Most people do not know this truth. I find it GROSS!

bluesbaby5050: As for Holloywood..........

They will glorifiy and make Sexy ANYTHING for a buck! $$$$$$$ The OrIgins of vampires are from the SNAKE! Most people do not know this truth. I find it GROSS! I am REPELLED by this behavior.

Terran resistance: well

the butterfly is usually thought of as a symbol of mind control and or transformation

transformation could be in terms of spirituality or alchemy

bluesbaby5050: Then in this case..........

It would make sense for it to be for control, and transformation, as this is what vampires do. Thanks TR.

HebrianDaniel: i cant believe vampire is

i cant believe vampire is real until i see real vampire.

Bellerophon: When you are allowed to see

When you are allowed to see one, that means that you will die. So remain skeptical, but they are pretty much a reality, especially here, in the region where I live.

Terran resistance: hmmmm

bigfoot as an alien, yeah
but vampires? your pushing the boat out to far for me

I agree with bb to a degree, anyone with negative polarity can technically be a vampire and feed on someone elses energy.

Bellerophon: There are some murder cases

There are some murder cases that can't be attributed to neither animals or humans (nor ETs for that matter).

And like I said, try not to think of what Hollywood brings forth. The murders are deliberate, and they know what they are doing, and its not in "their nature" to do so, nor survival. Since the greater population does not commit the same heinous crimes.

The reason I said "vampires" and "werewolves" is because they are neither. But human, like us, just another species of human.

Tarheel: Remember the guy from Serbia that was scared a fewmonths ago?

He was scared out of his wits, and he came to us for help. I cant remmber his handle. He mentioned evil, negative entities...I cant remember if he said specifically Vampires, but the guy was truly scared .

bluesbaby5050: I remember this man........

He came on to this forum,and made a comment under my last comment,and he said he was being hunted,and he did not want them to find him,because he knew they were looking for him,and they always are looking,and seem to know where he is at. He said how glad he was to find this site,because we speak openly about aliens,and he said he knew that they was real because he knew he was not crazy. Edisonik was also on that NIGHT,and spoke with this man too. He would not say too much,because he had not wanted to be found,because he feared they woud take him away. He was running for his life. I'll try and find this post,and if I do, I'll re-post it again.

Tarheel: Im not sure it was Serbia, but I "think" it was.

You may have to petition Quinton to access older files from "New Members" unless you look manually.
The guy was petrified due to negative entities around him, as he perceived them. I think he lives in a WW2 "hot spot", where there was much death and spillage of blood.

Im not positive about the fact that it was Serbia.

bluesbaby5050: Your right 11O11 because I think you were...........

Also on that same night when Edisonik ,and I was speaking to this man, and yes he was from Poland, because he said so. I think I can find it, and I'll post it later if I can. I'm at work now, so I am distracted a little. But, I'll still try.

Tarheel: Yes-11011 is right,BB said (back then) it was WW2 "hotspot"...

...back then, and that may be the reason for the "negative energies".
I still cannot remember his name. I remember he was scared shitless.

Bellerophon: Poland, Ukraine, Russia and

Poland, Ukraine, Russia and Kazakhstan are hospots for ET activity as of the 90s onwards. And Each decade its increasing.

Tarheel: I emailed him back and forth for a while BUT...

...I havent heard a word in MONTHS. He was a high school kid as I remember, fighting the demons of his world (at the time).
I hope he's okay, too.

Ecbra de Oaoj: vampires?

any one that; sucks. blood... (figurade or... literal. sense) ... is a vampire...
red blood or... energy... force. animus... perseverance...

well... maybe in transivania there are... but...

like in Brazil... like ours... politics here...

I think is... hard. you competing...



do you see. recent film Abraan Lincoln... hunting? I... loved it!
he... had one; vampire in revolt... with; humans... cause joined...

and... I dont know if all... werewolf are... allies... hahaha...
depends... of course... what side you choosed...



we have a... proverb here...
(oh my... God... more... this... tsi tsi... tsi)...

Peace without Voice isnt Peace is... Fear.


Courage and Valour...


Terran resistance: @BB

CC = hermes
look at his staff.

hermes is the alpha from the alpha and omega in the bible


also a symbol of alpha AND omega when criss crossed
to make an eye in between aswell.

bluesbaby5050: Thanks TR..........

That was nice of you to show me this. Thanks.

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