Saturn's WAR !

by bluesbaby5050 on December 28th, 2012
Saturn's WAR !


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bluesbaby5050: Notice the Octogon in the Middle of this Vortex......

This is Sacred Geometry at the center of this picture. It is the DESTRUCTION of EN-lil', and his EVIL Draconian/Saurian Base=Head Quarters of HIS Mind-Controls,and Manipulations of Humanity BY OUR GODS/KODS! Our Solar System is being Cleansed of EVIL by our GODS/KODS, and in it's place will be LOVE, COMPASSION, and FREEDOMS ON ALL LEVELS for the Human Race,and our Star Families! Peace, and Harmony to ALL!

bluesbaby5050: Take Notice of the Grey Alien FACE at the Bottom,and.......

A little off to the right of this picture! The face is laying on it's back,and it's Forhead is to your Left of your PC screen ! Look at the letter O in the word Jehovah,and you will see this Face, and some Demon faces too, it is as Clear as a Bright Sunny Day folks! Super Turmoil, and Destruction Abound on this planet Right Now! 2012. They are Swimming in their OWN MYRE!

bluesbaby5050: These pictures taken by the Nasa Cassini, A Deep Space Telescope

In 2012. They have very many faces of Grey Aliens, and Skulls which is Symbolic of Death, and Disease, andDestruction. Some Demonic faces are seen here too. You do NOT Need a magniflng Glass to see this, as it is as plainly seen here. This is actual pictures of the Planet Saturn, and the Vortex clearly seen in many different frames. The vortex is at the top, the polar region of the planet, and this is the source of this Giant Energy Field. LOOK AT THIS O LETTER, AND LOOK ABOVE IT TO SEE THIS GREY ALIEN FACE, and MANY MORE! The faces are on those rings,and in between the rings also. They are all over the picture.

bluesbaby5050: There are SKULLS=DEATH Galore in this picture............

And many Grey alien faces,and many UGLY DEMONIC faces Too! Check it out Closely,and see for your self!

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