Saturn North Pole Hexagon

by Quinton on May 27th, 2016
Saturn North Pole HexagonSaturn North Pole HexagonSaturn North Pole Hexagon

This is just so fascinating to me.

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iLLuminedEden: David Icke explains this

David Icke explains this phenomenon in his book "The Perception Deception" and how it relates to our moon. Very interesting stuff

Quinton: Do you have the cliff notes

Do you have the cliff notes of what he says?

iLLuminedEden: I have the book and he talks

I have the book and he talks about the moons connection to the earth as a projector of the matrix we live in. It relates to Saturn and "Saturn worship" as Saturn symbology can be found all over through history. He goes into such great detail in a revealing manner from other chapters in the book that i couldn't explain it all. Icke takes his time getting to points but it all is so interesting because he gives so many connections for his viewers. This video should help:

Quinton: That's a great video, thanks

That's a great video, thanks for sharing :) Saturn is one of the most interesting topics to me. Jay Weidner also talks a lot about Saturn and the Cult of Saturn. It seems like a lot of these secret societies all trace back to Saturn. Super interesting stuff.

Tarheel: Mindbender

I guess NASA will call these pictures an "anomaly".
I'd love to see if there are more Earth-like "imprints", like the one of Africa/Europe shown.

Slaterdom: Hexagon and magnetism in nature

someone needs to stand up to the main stream defending diying ideas. I would like suggest that the hexagon shapes we see in crators, hurricanes and atop Saturn is more simple than we realise, magnetism has a centripetal vortex which pulls matter closer together, the tightest formation under pressure results in packing atoms into hexagonal close packing or geometric placements, around a single point, this create hexagons in the geology or atmosphere of the planets with a strong enough magnetic core. All planets have hexagons in their north poles geology as can be seen with the naked eye on all of nasas photos (just look for them). Find a facebook page called electric field lines to see what I mean. Ken wheelers book, 'uncovering the secrets of magnetism' explains all we need to figure out what's going on in all of nature, cosmology and the attempts of particle physics. the mainstream is embarrassed and faulty in all of its conclusions.

BamfOttO: Saturn

You want to get real deep in then you need to read "Dark Mission: Dark History Of NASA" by Richard Hogland. He was the first most person to punch all the holes in NASA and has made huge scientific discoveries in Hyperdimensional physics and the tetrahedron energy fields in these huge planets.
He discovered that around 19.5 degrees latitude in all planets there is a large out powering of core energy. The three large planets (Neptune, Jupiter, Saturn) out power tremendous energy out into the universe and only take in a small amount from the sun. Theoretically they should put out close to what they take in. His ideas and scientific theories where reject by main stream media and NASA for the most part. A very good read if you want to go intellectual, but you do need to know the basics of physics and quantum physics.He also dives into the secret societies that control NASA and that they have uncovered alien technology that the go out of their way to hide and conceal.
Again I have been diving into lately this Saturn cult of the global elite, but I already kind of already knew this. David Icke would be the person to read if you ant to go "conspiracy theory" with it. His idea is that is was shown in the 60's Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 probes that NASA sent out and it shown that saturn had a huge, I mean gigantic electromagnetic light ring going out 100 of thousands of miles out into the space around Saturn. They also found or suspect threw ancient discoveries that Saturn was our former Sun and that it was not where is is today, that it is a Dwarf sun and moved where it is today. There is much evidence that the ancient peoples all over the world prayed to Saturn and depicted Saturn much as the later civilizaitions depicted our Sun. David Icke's theory is that that huge electromagnetic ring is a type of broadcast that the Moon (David Icke, Richard Hogland, Jim Marrs and many others have tons of proof that the Moon is not what it seems, and even when you compare our Moon to the Moons of other planets scientifically does not match the norm, accually it is so far away from the galaxy norm that science has an easier time proving our Moon is a space ship rather than a natural Moon) inhances and beams directly to us. We then pick us this signal and project it as our reality.

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