Saturn, and it's Rings, and the Multi-Millienium War!

by bluesbaby5050 on December 28th, 2012
Saturn, and it's Rings, and the Multi-Millienium War!

Here is the truth of Saturn's Ancient History,and the Secrets Hidden from Humanity.This planet was stolen by EN-lil. It's Real name was Anshar, and it controls the First Chakra in the human body,located at the base of the human spine. The Human spine is a Electrical Cercuit pathway that runs from the top of the Human brain, and it has branchs thoughout the limbs, and they travel thoughout different parts of the human body, just like a tree does.This is the Pathway to Higher Knowledge,and this door way was shut by Enlil,and his father King Anu. This is how Humans have forgotten where they came from,and forgot their past,and all it contained. Ths was done for tolat control of this species. Saturn was once a very different planet in it's lon,long ago Ancient history. It also had a different name then too. This planet's name was Anshar. It was a warm,and radiant planet,and it Shimminered it's light like crystals from it'self. All planets have a god that lives within it. The constellations do also. Satan was stolen by EN-lil from EN-KI, BECAUSE EN-KI had to make a choice,and he chose Earth,and the Humans,and he could not risk another attack on her,and so he abandoned Anshar. The EN-lil took this opptinunity to SEIZE this planet,and bring he vile ,and Filithy Draconians,and the Saurians to this planet,and raise Hell there! He used this planet to shut DOWN THE HUMANS,AND THEIR HIGHER SELFS TOO, WHICH THEY HAD ALL THEIR COMPLETE FALLICULTIES BACK THEN.There is alot to this history,and I promise I will add more to this.

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Tarheel: Respectfully-This is a Head Trip if it's true. Source, BB?

That is way trippin. A lot.

Can you tell us where you got this,BB? I had info that Ra was at fault for us "not remembering" our past and what was contained therein. Is this now bad info?

bluesbaby5050: Ya-He also got his hands Dirty along the way too.........

He got the people to go down the hallways of the brainwashing chambers/Temples to keep total control of the masses of people. Re-incarnation also has to do with this operation, and it is loosing ground now, and the veil is now thinning. RA played his part, but he was NOT THE CAUSE BEHIND THIS! King Anu,and his son, EN-lil was! RA was also influenced by the Orion Queens that came here to Earth because of King Anu,and EN-lil.

Tarheel: It's easy to believe EnLiL was a culprit. Ra married an OQ......

.....So goes THE Story.

Back to Saturn-EnLiL at work again, with an ASSist from King Anu, you say.
Trippin'-no drugs necessary. There's a spin on present reality.

bluesbaby5050: YA-And IT'S CALLED THE......


bluesbaby5050: Here is some of the HIDDEN ANCIENT HISTORY OF SATURN...

Once Named ANSHAR. Read Above what was Kept from Humanity,and the real Truth why.

bluesbaby5050: People Miss the truth ...

Because they put too much ATTENTION on names,and then lose sight of the messages.

wmarkley: thanks BB for bringing this

thanks BB for bringing this to my attention, i am familliar with the chakra system throughout the body, humanity is reopening these doorways again and learning of their higher self. its all good.

bluesbaby5050: }:>)


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