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royal family rothschilds and rothschild hitler


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bluesbaby5050: Kissing cousins--

The queen of England is cousins with Hitler. And groomed by the Orion Queens.. ( for his failed mission. They lost Ww2.)

bluesbaby5050: Marduk went to ask the Orion queens for help in Orion,he --

Had made this trip there himself. And this is how the Orion Queens got involved here on Earth. It was because of Marduk.He had CUT A DEAL with one of the queens from Orion. He was decieved after he came back to Earth with one of the queens,and the tables turned on him,because of this queen.. It back-fired! And the Prince Lord Inki had already given Marduk authority to rule Egypt. Master Teacher ,Lord Annu77 had explained this in the history lessons to the forum before. This is all in the materials here. It is here if you do your research. The Falcon.

bluesbaby5050: The queen that came back with Marduk---

Waited till they landed,and this is shortly when it happened. When this Orion queen got here,and saw how beautiful it is,and all the resources,and the climate,it was more then she expected! She wanted to rule herself!! Ra got pissed off,and crap happened Again! GO FIGURE! This ALWAYS HAPPENS WHEN YOU TRY TO REASON WITH THE REPTS! THEY TURN ON YOU! NOT LOYAL AT ALL! NO INTEGERITY THERE! lolol!! NOT WITH THEM ANYHOW! WE have others we are in Allience with anyways. }:>)

edisonik: Queen Elizabeth is the Rebel Queen

She is very sacred right now because the Sumerian Gods are already here.
The Rebel Queen is very nervous.
The Agenda of Mass Genocide of Enki's Creations will not happen.
The Spirit of Sirius has spoken.

Humanity will Prevail and many Wolves and Bird Clans will make it become a Reality.
The Reptiles will not Suceed.

Humanity is the Jewel of this Galaxy and will not be Destroyed.

bluesbaby5050: Sorry for the erro here,i hit the message space--

By accident. I filled in where I had left off. FG.

bluesbaby5050: Right!--

They decided on a Truce!! They decided to live apart. They Almost had a full blown war. Some fighting/battle took place.Turned into a Mimi war!( She did not travel alone to Earth with Marduk.)

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