Red Skinned Sirian Aliens (34)

Red Skinned Sirian Aliens (34)

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They look really nice! They look really happy too! I AM GLAD FOR THEM BOTH,I hope it stays that way! The Falcon.

Terran resistance: shes a walk in

hes helping her manipulate humans ... sorry..
most of these kinds of married couples are..

a walkin is someone whos had there soul replaced, theres alot of walkins in [email protected] lodges

bluesbaby5050: WE ARE WISE TO ALL OF THIS!

YOU SHOULD KNOW!! IT TAKES ONE TO KNOW ONE,AS THE SAYING GOES!! Did they tell you this? They do not go around telling this to the public!! ONLY THE IN-SIDERS KNOW THIS INFORMATION! The Falcon.

Tarheel: Question for Terran Res.

1) How do YOU know WHO is Rept, who is Sirian and who isn't?

2) There are NO WALK-Ins in Mason's lodges. You have to be a mason or an inductee to attend. When you apply, your application sits in the lodge for 30 days (while they check you out). IF you dont know someone who is a member-You are NOT getting in. Sorry, but You are WRONG about this.

bluesbaby5050: TO TAR---

I also know about these rules,as most of the males members of my family are Masons!! My mother ,and one sister are EASTERN STAR,ALL THE SAME CRAP!! JUST LOWER NEAR THE BASE OF THE PYRAMID! I have pics to show how the order is set up! Most of us have already seen them,and they are also posted on this site too. I belong to NONE! I AM A REBEL IN MY FAMILY,BY MY OWN CHOICE! I DO NOT FOLLOW THE HERD! The Falcon.

Tarheel: I actually looked into Masonry 10 yrs ago, BEFORE I knew.

My brother was Masonic and he got me interested. At the lower levels, their isnt ANY of the bad/deceitful crap. Plus he was Grand Worshipful Master of his lodge and t6hey went around hgelping those who need help.

NOW, I am not saying that it isnt corrupt AT THE UPPER LEVEL, but certainly NOT at the lower level. I KNOW this.

My Mother was also Head of Eastern Star locally (so was Grandma), but they are also "do gooders.

I shoulda done the Masonic thing and tried to "infiltrate" and see if all the BAD/negative stuff actually exists at the top or not, for myself. Im not interested in persuing it now at all.

bluesbaby5050: They do not let you----

Know what is at the higher levels,and this is how it works,you have to graduate to the higher levels,and then you learn on each level,as they permit you to. Some never get to the higher levels,as you have to become involved in alot of unsavory things,dealings,blackmail etc. All is Always kept secret from the lower levels.And yes, they do alot of good deeds for others,and this also helps keep up a good Front! The left hand never knows what the right hand is doing/up to!

Terran resistance: masons

i would be very careful if i was a mason, beyond the third degree especially,
masons do alot of charity which is good

most intervention in masonic lodges is usually religious manipulation in my opinion, and there are easy methods to correct peoples beliefs, if they get out of line such as threatening etc etc etc

I know a friend who is a satanist and a mason, but im cool with that, i know cant change the way that everyone thinks :(

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