the reason why hindu gods sometimes have three eyes

the reason why hindu gods sometimes have three eyes

This is for eyes only

The reason why hindu gods have three eyes is because the all seeing eye is a symbol of orion, in particular orions belt, so three eyes would make perfect sense because theres three stars in orions belt hence three eyes in hindu mythology because the ancients believed that these were the eyes of god staring back at them in the night sky.

this later evolved to one eye for example in ancient greek mythology, three witches who shared one eye and one tooth, of course the three witches is to do with orions belt:

what interesting is that the goddess lilith from jewish folklore is shown in statues with owls and lions (lion comes from the root word orion).

The owl is of course a significant symbol becuase its seen in many masonic tattoos like here:

of course lets not forget that in eastern othodox christianity that there is three marys in the bible.

and mary is somtimes associated with the all seeing eye, while other times its the moon (theres a reason for that).

also three eyed gods are associated with the tongue sticking out gesture.

thats because the tongue is associated with the alpha from the bible
and the eyes is associated with the omega from the bible
the alpha and omega.
duality gods

For more of my pictures go to:

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