REAL ghost pic in my window

by moonsstarr923 on February 4th, 2014
REAL ghost pic in my window

***I've never posted an "image" before!!! I am SOOO sorry if it won't let you EXPAND my real ghost pic!!! You won't see the ghost if it stays TINY. If it won't expand but you DO want to see my real ghost pic, , , then I can email it to you.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

If any of you have read my comments under Quinton's "ghosts" forum topic, , , then you may have read that I can, eh hem, , , "see things".

Well, I managed to capture one. I AM SOOO SORRY that the picture is so dark, but it was the evening!!! (and a flash would had distorted the ghost or made him NOT visible).

His FACE (floating) is in the upper RIGHT corner of the picture, in the window of my house.

LONG story short, , , EVERY single night around 5am, my neighbor was being harassed by some sort of entity. It scratched and knocked at the window she sleeps directly beside. (she sleeps on the 1st floor). Then, after a few days, it would growl, laugh, or do other things to bother and waken her.

So, I "did my thing", and I got rid of it. It doesn't bother her anymore. But as I was getting rid of it, I managed to get a picture of it.

NOW, I KNOW it's hard to see. HOWEVER, my computer (programs) let me ZOOM IN. Hopefully yours does too----- *because* if you zoom in, , , you can CLEARLY see a MAN's FACE SLYLY grinning at me. (or maybe just grinning to be nasty----like--ha ha, look at all the work you had to do to get rid of me......I'm not sure...)

Anyway, he's gone now, and has NOT been back to bother my neighbor ANYMORE!!!! :-)

(((remember: yin yang. Not ALL 'other-dimensional' entities are 'nice'. so keep a circle of light around you---through vizualization----and you'll be fine! )))

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Crackdown: thank you for sharing, Moonsstarr :)

note: it is possible to view in higher resolution, if you click this photo

I believe in ghosts, because they broke two plates at our kitchen. Thank you for sharing)

And I hope that someone of TC members will share real HD quality photos of alien
(reptilian maybe? ;)

obsrvantlouie: GOLD LIGHT

I have read is the BEST light for Moon suggested their are entities of both polarities and Gold light works against all. In my experience, the gold light does the trick every time....all it takes is to imagine yourself wrapped in a golden aura or on your favorite place of retreat laced with golden light....or however you choose to meditate...incorporate Gold light for defense.

Don't in your higher self

UN.i1-PHI: it doesnt seem clear

but very vague, i can barely see a face in it, just because theres a darker spot representing the eye and a brighter one for the nose and also the ear on the side, but this its not close or HD enough to see it, pitty... and pitty you didnt make two shots after eachother then you could compare and see more details... but anyway nice you uploaded this ,and your story goes well with this, just pitty there arent enough clear pictures of ghost/alien entities :p

moonsstarr923: I'll try

I'll try----do my best-----to get more. Since I have an, "eye" for 'em. I'll do my best. It may take a while though, so don't hold your breath or anything UN.i-PHI!!! You need your oxygen!!! lol :)

UN.i1-PHI: good luck tryina catch em

good luck tryina catch em clear
oh see that smoke... :o
Ooh i see ghOsts
No just blowin O'ss

moonsstarr923: UN.i1-hey Ques for ya

Hey. Hope this message finds you well.

This is TOTALLY off this post's subject line.... But I was just perusing through some older posts, and I noticed you have a decent amount about reptilians.

I don't understand them---or the situation much. From the little I understand, , , they're just here to trick/deceive/bring down man/humanity. They're not good. Right? But I'm so ignorant and want to know more---if even a little...

BUT, *you* seem to know a lot! And I'd like to learn some! (part of the reason I'm here). Would it be too much to ask you to shoot out a post with one the *BEST*, or most clear, or most explanatory youtube vids of just exactly what the hell is going on (with the rep/or rep agenda more-so). I'd prefer a youtube vid. But IF there's an article that you think would do me BETTER, , , then go for it. But---------I really would prefer a video. (I could--and did---look myself; BUT there are SO many, , , that I want the best/right one, and I trust you for that.)

If you don't have the time/interest to answer me: I understand, and I wish you well either way. BUT, if you do/can help me, , , as opposed to a private email, , , send me the educational rep. link in a reply POST---or new forum topic---- (that way other people who are newer to TC, like me, and may not understand, can see and learn too!!! I DO appreciate it very much!!! (Like how Tim helped explain some of the Pleadian thing to me b/c I didn't understand/know anything much.Tim really helped me a lot!)

Like I said, I appreciate it either way!

Bright blessings,


moonsstarr923: thanks

Thanks hon (Uni.1). But I do know that there's people who REALLY want to see "them" and ask for more pics. So like I said, I'll TRY my best to get other pictures. And thanks for your "good luck"!!! I'll NEED it my friend!!! So keep sending me some good luck if you don't mind! :) Those suckers are ON TO all our technology and gadgets that try to capture them. So they're not as easy to capture/photograph now.

(Actually, I only captured him because I *WASN'T* trying to go around the house, taunting him and trying to provoke and capture him (my neighbor's 'tormenting ghost)'----like the TV Ghost Hunters do----and I had only stumbled upon him (because I was doing another cleansing) and he appeared-----AND I had *happen* to have my dad's camera around b/c he had just used it on one of his jobs So that's how I captured him/ghost-----as opposed to, "GOING GHOST HUNTING" and DESPERATELY TRYING to capture one.... Know what I'm sayin'???

Anyway, thanks again for the luck wishes for me! I really will need them to help other people see some great pics that they're asking for!

Bright blessings to you and yours,


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