Rare Bohemian Grove Photo

by Quinton on December 14th, 2013
Rare Bohemian Grove Photo

Photo is said to be from 1909

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UN.i1-PHI: whats that at the left??

is that an drawing of an different humanoid being with an seemingly elongated head in an weird position leaning back while standing and bending his knees and its like scratching his butt or what..?

oh and look above it, may be just an illusion but it looks like an ghostly face (at about 70% of the height near the top and at the total left of the picture..) and his right shoulder could be seen clearly too(left to us) while the rest of his torso/body and the top of his head seems to fades out/blend in...

and at the bottom left theres some white things on the floor or something like; 'SIG.' on the photo

just tough to point this out as i noticed, but ofcourse itstoo low in quality b/w picture and too small size to see clearly but i think its quite remarkable (illusion or not)

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