@Quinton am I seeing things? (joke)

@Quinton am I seeing things? (joke)

if i am wrong, then it would go along way in saying that people can see symbolism just about anywhere.

but if I was a freemason that is what I would see ^_^

who designed the logo by the way?

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Terran resistance: by the way this is an inside joke

since im always posting symbolism up ^_^

Terran resistance: maybe quinton the site manager

maybe quinton the site manager is secretly apart or the remenants of the old knights templars lol

Quinton: That's an interesting

That's an interesting interpretation TR.

I designed the logo and here is my interpretation:

The pyramid represents growth in consciousness. The higher you go up the pyramid the closer you reach enlightenment. The T is at the top of the pyramid because the T stands for truth and the closest thing to truth will be found at higher levels of understanding.

The C is at the bottom of the pyramid because it stands for control and the bottom of the pyramid is controlled. As you grow in consciousness you shed the control and reach towards truth, even though I don't necessarily believe in an absolute truth.

The T can also represent 1/2 of a cross which represents the sun which is also a symbol for growth and enlightenment. Since the top 1/2 is missing we are still operating out of the lower parts of enlightenment and the higher parts are still missing.

The C really has no other meaning. It just happens to be the first letter for the word control and so it is used to match with the T.

What you mention about the crescent moon is quite interesting though. I like that as the C can represent the moon while the T can represent the sun :)

I'm a big fan of crosses (non-Christian ones) and pyramids in symbolism and usually incorporate them where I can.

Terran resistance: moon and sun

sun leads to growth, moon equals darkness and control. Thats a pretty cool concept we got here XD
but i was taking the piss but thats still a very cool logo.

imagine dragons88: illuminati

Nice concept of the logo but it kinda looks like an illuminati logo. but still like it though cool :)

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