by Quinton on February 4th, 2008

Ptaah is about 770 (earth) years old and has three children, two daughters by the names of Semjase and Pleija and one son by the name of Jucata who is no longer alive. Ptaah is the commander of the Pleiadian / Plejaren spacecraft fleet and is vested with the rank of an Jschwjsch, (JHWH), which is comparable in meaning to a king of wisdom. In earlier times, this term was translated as God, not in the sense of creator but as a king of wisdom who has the duty to provide his peoples with help and advice. He also presides over other inhabited planets but may never assume the role of despotic ruler, which happened on earth to some extent in earlier times. At the present time, Ptaah presides over three different planets, two of which are known to us as Erra and Terra (earth).

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bluesbaby5050: I agree with you on this

I agree with you on this Quinton, lol. I had also posted information on Ptaah as well. He is very interesting. Ptaah has a wonderful family,and a Star Fleet to be proud of. I am glad they are our Allies.

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