A Proffessional Light Weight Boxer in my Family!

by bluesbaby5050 on January 21st, 2013
A Proffessional Light Weight Boxer in my Family!
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bluesbaby5050: A Real man of Sirian Bloodline!

A True Sirian/ Human bloodline! A Fine Race!

Terran resistance: woopdy doo!

a black person, I never seen one of them before

Terran resistance: I once heard a story

that an asian person went clubbing once, but I think its a myth myself, after all we all know that asian people dont exist.

bluesbaby5050: YA THEY DOOOOO!

I recieve TAKE OUT DELIVERY FROM THEM PERSONALLY, ONCE A MONTH AT LEAST! LOL! VIA- MAYMEE'S LOLOL! YUMMY! From The " YUMMY HOUSE" OF FINE DINNING! LOL! And also from, "The Happy Dragon!" They Show up at my door,on a Yamaha! ( A very LOUD Rice Burner! )

Terran resistance: yeah maybe

I've seen aliens, but asian people? thats a stretch of the imagination too far for me XD
Im more of a curry person.

bluesbaby5050: I like both..............

Both is Good!

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