Priest Robes & Mushrooms

by Quinton on October 7th, 2013
Priest Robes & MushroomsPriest Robes & MushroomsPriest Robes & Mushrooms

"The red and white robes of the priesthood bear an uncanny similarity to the hallucinogenic mushroom known as amanita muscaria." -- Michael Tsarion

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Sky: True

Michael Tarsion obtained info I believe from Allegro famious book on that subject. I am sure Tsarion used more sources. John Allegro is fascinating to read. His books maintain their value as printed. At least close too it despite his books being decades old. I bet M.A. Murdock and Joseph Atwill would back up John Allegro on the sacred mushrooms. However. That really is something I really initially learned from reading / viewing/listening to MICHAEL TSARION presentations of high caliber research.

The pictures I have seen on this post are so accurately true in the truest sense. Thank you for posting these pictures with explanation Quinton.

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