President Jimmy Carter was a Clone!

by bluesbaby5050 on September 17th, 2012
President Jimmy Carter was a Clone!

President Jimmy Carter was a Clone during His term in office as President of the United States. His was an a Synthetic Organic Robotoid! They are such close copies that they can Simulate human beings in everyway. Jimmy Carter had over 100 clones during his term in office! Each clone can live up to 10 years if they are not killed first.

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bluesbaby5050: Different Kinds of Clones..........

Synthetic people are grown from the tissues of cattle.This is why there was so many cattle mutilations for the past 40 years. Some actual clones are grown in test tubes from these cattle tissues, and then implanted into the wombs of human woman from many Alien Abductions! They are then re-moved.This method is called "Invitro Reproduction. These are Identical in genetic makeup to another person,as their genetic coding has been repoduced.Then the original person will then have an Identical Twin! There are very many clones walking this planet,and they are in every profession! The crooks Need to cover their tracks,this is why so many of them get away with so many crimes,and even Murder! Most are in High Positions of Power,such Politics,and in the Court Systems,and the Medical fields ,and the Police force,and the Military,and YES EVEN YOUR FAMOUS ACTORS etc.

bluesbaby5050: Clones are even your Flawless Models!

The human bodies can not stand the Skinny types of models that are walking the Run Ways around the planet in the fashion industries.Too bad so many Human woman are dieing trying to copy this terrible look that is always presented to them in all the medias! This is Not the way for human females to look,and this is far from normal. Females from other planets are very full figured, and curvy,and this is the Normal Type that was the Original creation for the Humans! Now they are going for implants in the bosom,and the buttocks,and the thighs! This is all in the name of money too. This is a scam!! The woman has the part to carry on the reproduction of life,and her body needs to be in great form to feed this newborn,and care for it during it's early years till it can maintain it's own life,and become less dependant on the parents for food etc.Woman Please wake up to what is really going on with the female species on this planet! This is all a Scam to cull out the females on this planet!! Guess by whom?

bluesbaby5050: A Message to the men on this planet..........

Stop finding fault with how the females on this planet look! Woman come in many different sizes,and shapes,and colors,and strengths. This is because men have very different tastes in a woman that they are really attracted to.Normally men around the planet just love a woman with some meat on her body! Skinny is not healthy,nor is being Obeast either! Most woman need to have at least 30 to 40 pounds on her body to stay very healthy,and if she should become sick,her body will keep her alive to take care of her offspring! This was the orginal plan of the Prime Creator! There is no such thing as a perfect man,or woman. If you think there is, then you might want to look for a Clone!! This is NOT A REAL WOMAN, OR MAN! There are many male models that are created for this same purpose,and the female models too! This is a marketing gimmic to fool you people! So Wiseup!

Randje: Jimmy Carter

The question then becomes: Why is he still around?

And doing humanitarian things around the world? I could see the reason for a number of other public officials being maintained; but not Carter. He is not promoting the NWO agenda, but is instead doing selfless arbitration and other humanitarian things, which makes him unique among ex-presidents. Nor has he ever--to my knowledge--been connected to any nefarious illuminati activity. Enlighten me please.

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