"Praise be to Nibiru"

"Praise be to Nibiru"

Nabonidus was the last king of the Neo-Babylonian Empire, reigning from 556-539 BCE.
whos name literally means praise be to Nabu.
Nabu being a probable corruption of the word Nibiru who according to contactee alex collier is a faction of people who live in sirius B and near to betelgeuse.

In the picture we see him worshipping the god Sin, Shamesh and Enki.

Sin being the moon, Shamesh being the eagle sun disk, and enki being the seven pointed star.

These exact same symbols are used in freemasonsary to a certain extent for example the moon represents the virgin mary in lower level freemasonry.

While the 7 pointed stars represents the lamb of the bottomless pit.

The shamesh sun disk in this particular instance represent John the Evangelist (not john the baptist or James the son of thunder).

In terms of higher level freemasaonry the moon represents the moon but has associations with orion. For example the three marys from the bible, the triple moon goddes etc. All have a numerical value of three which represents orions belt.

The shamesh sun disk could represent Sirius B, which would explain why this particular king was called praise nabu (nibiru) becuase according to contactee alex collier, Nibiru live in Sirius B.

The 7 pointed stars I think is to do with hollow earth Pleiadians seeing as its 7 pointed and the number 7 closely being associated with the 7 stars of the Pleiades in the night sky. Also lots of crop circles are 7 pointed and according contactee alex collier again these are messages to the hollow earth which have been intercepted by the crops and then show up as patterns. Though I believe that some if not most of these are done on pupose:

As an example:

For the rest of my pictures go to:

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