Polar Ice Melts Accelerating in Antarctica,and Greenland!

Polar Ice Melts Accelerating in Antarctica,and Greenland!

Polar Ice Melts at an alarming rate in Antarctica, and Greenland, and has contributed to nearly half an inch to rise sea levels in the past 20 years! According to an assessment of Polar Ice sheet melting that researchers are calling the most reliable yet. Whar's more, ice is Rapidly speeding up in the North, while the rate in the Antarctic has been fairly Constant, reachers reported at the Washington University in Seattle, on November 29th,2012.

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Annunaki77: This is not Global Warming, it is the Galactic Plain shift

Everything is getting Hotter, not because of Carbon Emissions caused by Humans but Galactic Shift , all Planets are heating up in this Star System and many other Star Systems.
The Crossing of the Galactic Plain is causing many Planets to heat up.

This is changing the everything for the better.

bluesbaby5050: NOW UPDATED FROM 2 YEARS AGO.............

This report began by what THE SCIENTISTS HAD REPORTED OVER 2 YEARS AGO. NOTICE THE TIME FRAME, and IT STATED By The SCIENTISTS, and HOW MUCH MORE TIME HAS GONE BY NOW? It' s in the REST OF MY THREADS FROM OVER 2 YEARS AGO. REPORT: That..........EVERYTHING in this Galaxy, All Life, and ALL PLANETS in this "MILKY WAY GALAXY " Has CHANGED in VIBRATIONS, Because The Vibrations have MOVED FROM THE LOWER 3D VIBRATION INTO THE HIGHER 4D VIBRATION RIGHT NOW. Humans on this planet are now in the 4TH Dimensions, and they have many Levels-OCTAVES to them. Please-REREAD the COMPLETE THREADS FOR YOUR EXPLANATION ON WHY THIS HAS HAPPENED, It WAS all Detailed with The Explanations of WHY. All the information was INCLUDED with this posting Back in December of 2012. This post was made 2 YEARS AGO, and Many have changes have already taken place SINCE That Time Period. Now we are in the NO-TIME of 4D. EVERYTHING has Changed/Moved Ahead/HIGHER in people's lives, and in their own countries on this planet, and this planet is NOT ALONE IN THESE CHANGES because this holds true for all life forms in this galaxy. Thank You again for Your Input Anu77.

bluesbaby5050: Fear of Permafrost melting!

There is a fear of the Permafrost melting, and the trapped gasses will be released into the atmosphere, adding to the Green House Affects of Earth's global warming. The Permafrost is a combination of frozen soil, ice,and rocks, and when this melts it will create alot of Mud where solid ground was once before.This in affect will cause the land mass to shift in different areas, and waters will rush inland.

bluesbaby5050: I do realize this, but I only reported what the scienctist are

Reporting at this time, and that this is what they are calling this. I am aware that when things go into a higher vibration all things heat up. We are moving into though the Photon Bands, and they are 7D donuts of light that emanate from the vertical axis of the Galactic center. Fifth dimentional light is Stellar, which is more sublte then Solar light, and this is the solar light we recieve on Earth.

bluesbaby5050: Anyone can read more about the Scientific information detailed

In Barbara Hand Clow's Published Book-"The Pleiadian Agenda" A wealth of information is contained inside this book, and it does answer anyones questions further. I have it, and it is loaded with a wealth of information.

bluesbaby5050: The 7D donuts of light that emanate from the Vertical Axis..

Of the Galactic Center spin around,and around though the Galactic Center into the darkness of the Galactic Night. These Galactic Centers are 9D ,and are pure darkness, and yet as they spin on their axis, the astounding power of their vortexes shoots out 9D Galaxtic synchronization beams. These Synchronization beams spin out of the black- hole galactic centers torqued by the galactic axial spin.These beams , belts axes, and horizonal planes with black holes in their centers are 8D organizational systems of intelligence. In the Milkey Way Galaxy, this 8D briilliance is called the Galactic Federation; it holds the Galaxy in form by means of the informational highway photon bands. All stars existing in the Photo Bands generate spirals that capture other Stars," such as Alcyone ,and they're Galactic Federation Libraries. This overall Galactic Federation structure is scoured in the deep and incomprehesisible nonthingness of Black Holes that birth galaxies from nuclear energy.This pure energy is called creativity.The empty divine mind then launches its cosmic light, which links galaxies with galaxies,and gives birth to more dimentions in the Universe. The Universe itself is the 10 dimention, the cosmic "all,"that contains everything that we precieve from Earth, and it cannot be named. described ,or comprehended.Our sun is linked to the Pleiades by means of a spiral of stellar light radiating out from Alcyone.

bluesbaby5050: The Spiral of the Galactic Night starts with our ....

Starts with our Solar System and the Photo Band runs all the way though the center/middle of this spiral, and then it Spirals UPwards, and onto the second line/of this spiral is Atlas, and onto the third spiral line is Coele, and onto the fourth spiral line is Taygeta, and onto the next spiral line is Electra, and onto the next spiral line is Maya, and onto the next spiral line is Merope, and at the top is Alcyone, and upwards though the middle is the Photo Band, starting from the bottom/ base of our Solar System all the way though the middle to the top where Alcyone is located. Our solar system is a huge spiral. Our galaxy has very many spirals!

bluesbaby5050: Our solar system spends most of it's time out in the

Out in the Galactic Night! Which is 11,000 years in the darkness,and 2000 years in the light!

bluesbaby5050: What does this mean?

Various members of the solar system become very dense while in the Galactic Night, and this generates experience called karma--feelings in 4D seeking expression that create actions in 3D. Bodies traveling in 7D photon bands, become less dense,and more multidimentional. As a result their acquisition of light cleans emotional bodies, and instensifies the vibrations in the physical bodies.Wnen you are in this state of awareness you do have feelings. But such feelings are merely impulses that guide you to stay in your center.These are not feelings that impulse you into karma. I have spoken about this a while ago, but not in such detail as I have now. Now I feel the time is right to do so.

bluesbaby5050: Our sun is also heating up now too!

As it catchs alot of the debrie incoming, this will act as a fuel for our sun to burn, and this will cause the sun to increase in it activity,and it will generate more heat also.

bluesbaby5050: The Galactic Night Intelligence in the darkness outside ....

The Pleiadian spiral holds form for the horizonal disk of each Pleiadian star. These disks are composed of 12 divisions that cause density, which then creates history and stories within great cycles of time. Otherwise there would be only birth,a life,death, and no cyclical menory, as with animals. There must be a weaving of creative memory. The animals are superior to you! Yup this is the truth here! Their creative memeory is stellar,for Spider grandmother created them first! The Milky Way Galaxy is a river of animals!These weavings attract stars that make worlds by means of scared geometry--morphic light fields taht generate ttill more 9D vertical axis. It goes on,and on,and if you cam imagineit, Maya also has a disk of 12 divisions. The 7D donuts of Photonic light from the Galactic Center are informational highways that stimulate curiousity. The desire for union, for twinning, for new expressions of both sides of duality, comes from this passion. This arousal comprises the 7D photonic bands seeking the Galactic Center. This curiosity is what causes the rodsof the 7D photonic light to curl back on themselves, forming them into donuts. The Galaxy would disintergrate into empty space without the nuclear gravity in the center, which then shoots out impulses of light. Maya and our solar system are now moving into the Photon Band together. This arrival is uniting the Pleiadians and the Sirians so they can find a way to solve Earth's dilemma with Niberu!

bluesbaby5050: The Annunaki have gone too far triggering karma....

On Earth. Now both Sirius, and the Pleiadians have both figured out how Niberu manipulates the inhabitants of Earth in 3D. And the Pleiadians have figured this out by being with the inhabitants of Earth,and the Sirians have said thay have also figured this out by spending time with the inhabitants of Sirius B. The new biology must Intergrate all this knowledge. How interesting this is! Hummmmm........

UN.i1-PHI: how ya mean ice melting?growing up to 60% *reader discretion adv

Global cooling, not warming: Arctic ice cap grows 60% in one year | Hang The Bankers
reader discretion adviced, always tough...
And now it's global COOLING! Return of Arctic ice cap as it grows by 29% in a year | Mail Online
29%?its 60%!? dont forget to read the comments tough i cant agree with most he said as he beLIEves in global warming... reader discretion adviced here too;p, so you see how the 'opinions' differ and influence eachother

Jack Matyus, Rugeley, United Kingdom, 3 months ago
This article is a lie: Artic sea ice is up 60% from last year because last year was the lowest it has ever been. This years sea ice coverage was still waaay lower than the average. Just because one year happens to better than the last does not mean that the ice cap still isn't shrinking, it just means it had a good year. Look at the trends (from actual scientific literature), you'll see this. Secondly, ICPP didn't hold a crisis meeting. That's a straight up lie. They even said to David Rose that they would not be holding any meetings, especially not in response to one of his articles. He still chose to lie and say that they did though, shows the reliability of this guy. Thirdly, global warming is still in effect. There has been no cooling. You can see the data, the literature, from all across the globe. I know climate change is a widely debated topic, but if all the evidence against global warming is this, then you're in serious trouble. Look at the science, not the media.

PS i didnt tought it was necessary to add but the these reports are also from 1-2 years ago i just wanted to point out the controversies ;)

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