The Planet Titan

The Planet Titan
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bluesbaby5050: The Distination of the Lizards at Planet TITAN!

At the Bottom of the Food Chain.

bluesbaby5050: Thanks Ecbra,and Chris.

Nice Pic.

bluesbaby5050: The Two Moons of Planet Saturn

The Moons Titan ,and Tethys.

HebrianDaniel: so its moon titan not planet

so its moon titan not planet titan dont confush :P

bluesbaby5050: I cleared the error---

I said moon Titan ,of the planet Saturn,Because I was thinking of Saturn when I typed it. I corrected it when I relized I made this mistake,Check Out The TIME Differences when I did the correction.Sorry for your confusion. Falcon.

bluesbaby5050: I was thinking of Planet Saturn when I made --

Thinking of Planet Saturn when I made the error. I corrected it soon afterwards }:>)

Terran resistance: titan is a moon


bluesbaby5050: NO DUH!

I Had Already Made the Correction BEFORE You made your accessment of the prior thread Tr. Check the Times posted.

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