Picture Of Quetzacoatl,also know as Kukulkhan.

Picture Of Quetzacoatl,also know as Kukulkhan.

The feathered serpent god in Mayan history.

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bluesbaby5050: Kukulkhan

This Mayan god is the Tyrant Lord Annunaki 77 was refering to. This tyrant could be coming back. Hopefully he will NOT be able to breath our poison chem-trail air. I hope this will be the case,and he will leave without incidents. The Falcon Goddess of The Feather.

HebrianDaniel: hey

uhm from which planet he came from? of all the reptillians
Feathered Reptillian is more weird!
is he hybrid Bird+reptillians? i bealive so

Ecbra de Oaoj: Quetzacoatl and Hernan Cortez

there was a profecy, among aztecs, that this Kod return. so, when spanishs ships came to Mexico, aztecs suposed that Cortez, leader of arrive, was this Kod reincarnated.
particularity, i think it was decisive because no one aztec, people in imense majority against spanishes, wanted kill this suposed Kod.

the history of central America is full of brutals humans sacrifices oferted to entitis, but i read that this Kod in particular wasnt too cruel. i dont know, but fact is that incas, maias and astecs worship and served Kods as this, and had very fear them.

i read also that there are translations apointing 2012 for year of came back of some them.

what it means and if true.; just days will say.

bluesbaby5050: This god was a MAYAN--

He is supposed to come back to HIS PEOPLE. This is the MAYAN Story. He ruled the Mayan peoples,and the people of central Mexico,and Mexico itself. He has a story,as to why he said he would come back.

wmarkley: Quetzacoatl

This so called God is due to come back today 5/20/2012.

bluesbaby5050: To Wmarkley---

Ya I know today is the 20th of May. Annu 77 said this is when we will recieve alot of information once theSolar eclipse takes place. Alot of energies will be coming in from space,and we will be able to understand this energy,and use it for our higher vibrations etc.I guess we wil be having an active summer.We should be READY for anything! The Falcon.

bluesbaby5050: All eyes are on us!

Annu 77 said we are being watched by very many Aliens. We will have many different KINDS of alien beings arriving sometime SOON! We need to prepare! We were all told this months ago,and now the time is arrived. Watch the news from Mexico,and the rest of the world too,for that matter! They ARE TRICKY HE WARNED US. We need to be READY,TO FIGHT FOR OUR LIFES,AND OUR LANDS,Planet EARTH! Our Goverments are up to something Lord Annu 77 had said. So BE WARNED.The Falcon.

HebrianDaniel: and why many aliens just

and why many aliens just coming right now? why not year before? thats weird..
maybe they waiting for special event that only appear on 2012?

alinabezerra: They are not comming now for

They are not comming now for the first time, some have come before.I think they are comming as a statement of wanting further interaction with our planet and people.I dont think they are going to attack us unless we attack them and create a huge misunderstanding. In that case we would be anailated because of lack of advanced technology,that assuming that they are more advanced technologicly than us.

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