This is a Picture of The Hollow Earth.

by bluesbaby5050 on November 20th, 2012
This is a Picture of The Hollow Earth.

This is the planet Earth sliced in half for better viewing. The land mass inside the hollow Earth is very much different then the surface land masses. Also, the mountains are very much bigger, and higher then the mountains on the surface of Earth. Everything is much bigger,and higher inside the hollow Earth. All the waters are very Pristine in the hollow Earth.There is no night time.The temperatures are at a steady 70 degrees too. All the planet Earth's oceans, and the fresh waters flow thoughout the hollow Earth! This is also where the Mermen, and the Mermaids live! They will venture into the cave systems under the oceans around the world. They swim in, and out of these numerous caves around this planet. And they will sometimes wash up { dead } onto some of the beaches, after many sever storms, because they will get battered against the rocks along the shorelines. This is rare, but it does happen,and some have actually been found. I have seen real pictures of them, both male, and female lying dead among all the beach debrie. Some have long straight light colored hair,and some have long straight dark colored hair. The faces look the same, and they have a torso, and 2 arms, and 2 hands, and the lower bodies all have large fins, where our feet would be. I'm guessing they MIGHT have gills on the sides of the heads, where our ears are, because I did not see a nose, of course,and their hair was in the way of view.They have eyes, and a a mouth, and it looks like a fishes mouth.

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bluesbaby5050: NOTICE THE SPACE SHIP FLYING ......

At the TOP, RIGHT SIDE of this Hollow Earth picture you can see a spaceship! It's flying OUT side from the INside! There is a Graph, with a scale of the amount of miles in measurements at the bottom of this picture. And you are able to see the different types of layers of the earth, and the center of gravity which is 400 miles down inside.The brown areas are the man made tunnels on this map. They are all over on this side, and there is the other half of the planet that you do NOT see, with more man made tunnels leading into the Hollow Earth. There is a sky,and clouds,and lakes inside the hollow Earth, as well as Oceans with ice too, that flow in ,and out from the Hollow Earth.

bluesbaby5050: I would love to take a vacation inside the city of Agharta!

It is so Pristine, and the fresh waters are full of energies, it is said, and they actually sparkle! the air is polution Free! The flora, and Fauna are lush, and green! The flowers are huge,and fragrant,and buzzing with life! The skys are full of colorful birds,and they sing lovely songs that delight the soul. There are animals that roam freely in the forests,and in the grasses. There is deer that roam,and graze Unharmed there. There are many other forms of wild life that live in, and around the woodlands, and the forests, that live freely, and NO hunting is allowed, because there is NO NEED TO HAVE TO. Food is Plentiful. There are Giant grapes, apples, and oranges, and many other kinds too. And just one could feed you all day!! The fruits, and nuts are all so big! This sure is My kind of vacation land!

bluesbaby5050: There is also a Space ship Landing Base at the bottom....

Of the Green Areas of the map. L00K closely, and you can see the writing saying that it is an Air base to Reach the Galaxies!! The city of Shamballa is located UNDER Tibet on the surface of where China is located! BUT, you can NOT see this because, the globe of this picture sliced in half! I read a story about this city called Shamballa a long time ago,and this is how I know of this location.

UN.i1-PHI: the peters projection map is fairly representing worlds areas!!!

the most common way of nowadays representing the world with its lands and oceans carries an disturbing distortion making some more northern lands/countries/continents seem bigger than they really are (while size is oftenly (and wronlgy/deceptively) subconsiously implied and equalized with importance)
wich contributes to an deceptive perspective and unfair status for the so called 'modern civilized'(mostly northern) countries/lands and the so called 'third world countries'/'economically poor' countries(while being rich in natural 'lands')
because many dont bear in mind that the Mecrator Model/Projection does not represent the size and shape accurate/fairly, but only direction!!!(as they can really represent all of these characteristics simultaneously! so you better also check out the other maps for different purpouses!)

because they have been/are invaded by other countries who have taken their 'native' lands hostage and as property and by colonies etc. and were/are victim of different forms and ways of genocide and so you could say that they were raped by the cabal globalists...and now many are subconsciously falsely and deliberately portrayed smaller than they are and the more globalist northen countries bigger than they are because of the widespread use of it while the people aren't told/taught enough and so did not realize enough that this standard/custom cilindrical way for an map model DOES NOT REPRESENT SIZE/AREAS! however it does represent the lines (so called rhumb lines/loxodromes) and directions accurate i mean lineair to the and that's the reason for using this map, but the point is we need to use different maps when seeking for different forms of or ways for comparison!!!

tough peters projection has to distort the borders from countries/oceans in different areas too, it does it in more fair way so that you can compare the areas in an more realistic manner, but to project the world on an 2d flat rectangle it HAS TO be distorted!!!, the point is just in WICH WAY!, AND WICH IS THE MOST FAIR WAY, AND WHAT ARE THE CONSEQUENCES OF USING THEM!

please check it out it may be 'shocking' but very interesting and good/important to know right!?

What does the world really look like?
The REAL World Map - You are being lied to - YouTube
▶ The real map of the world ( Peters Projection) - YouTube
Stuart McArthur's Universal Corrective Map - YouTube

'first' the people/populations were convinced/made to believe that the world is flat(tough it could carry more than is tought of nowadays, involving the under-world(inner world/earth)), and now its a ball, full of lava/magma etc...(quite unrealistic considering the thin krust of earth and the huge volume inside/beyond/behind it) and its still not true not even the way they represent the areas!!?,

as when planets are created created out of ROTATING 'primordial gasses/substances', in an harmonious(to the speed,size and substances) spheric ring area where they swirl/centrifuge into an continuous way of orbit and accumulating and increasing in density forming the harder mass, it leaves two 'holes' at both sides of the axis of rotation and the LIGHT 'stuff' goes into the centre of it creating an INNER SUN=the 'spirit'/sun of the planet itself!

remember the auroras at both sides of the poles, these are ionized lights/gasses escaping from the inner earth trough the holes of the poles wich explains the circular arrangement of the auroras, notice there is an larger opening for the hole at the north than the southern one who is mostly covered with ice resulting in an smaller opening (see the picture of this thread) and maybe that would lead to less of the aurora lights for the south?

the southern auroral lights are also called aurora australis (and i think 'borealis' refers to Northern...)

UN.i1-PHI: i forgot to explain/tell about the

i forgot to explain the seemingly vertically elongation in the middle areas wich are the result of bringing the larger ('equatorial') circumfrence in area respecting manners/terms to fit the rectangular flat model we're so used to use, resulting into an (horizontal)'seemingly smaller width' or (vertical 'seemingly larger height) than the vertical middle of the map (because the direction of north to south is projected as top to bottom)

but please check this out for yourself if you find it interesting ;)


The Mercator projection is a cylindrical map projection presented by the Flemish geographer and cartographer Gerardus Mercator in 1569. It became the standard map projection for nautical purposes because of its ability to represent lines of constant course, known as rhumb lines or loxodromes, as straight segments which conserve the angles with the meridians. While the linear scale is equal in all directions around any point, thus preserving the angles and the shapes of small objects (which makes the projection conformal), the Mercator projection distorts the size and shape of large objects, as the scale increases from the Equator to the poles, where it becomes infinite.

UN.i1-PHI: in short the custom world map model is mostly taken

as an representative model for the areas also and by using this model as such an standard it got implemented in an deceptive manner because it brought ignorance to the large size/areas of the huge continents such as asia and afrika compared to the exaggurated parts of continents and countries!!!

UN.i1-PHI: imagine the inverted 'horizon'

from within earth, where it stretches up into the sky instead of hide behind what's closer, and where the farthest point of it is straight at the top, looking up from the bottom, but there would be the inner sun shining bringht in front from there(the exact middle in earth) so you would actually not be see the furthest place beyond it from the ground, but it would be so much deeper to see compared with the limiting horizon from the outer surface of the world with all sorts of things blocking it...

ever seen/played/hear of the game halo, where an cilindrical ring floating in space has its own world on the inner side and when on/in it, you can see the ring stretching further from your perspective, so now imagine this kind of view stretching all around you in an spherical (not cilindrical) way, what a sight that would be!!!

the sky would be a bounded one without the night and the other stars, an bright view from the furthest inner deepness relative to your position, fading away into the lands and oceans from far away 'coming' closer to where you are and you will be standing on the symmetrical opposite(from the outer-surface) side of the earth crust as the gravity comes from the middle of it as shown in the picture above...

you may see the pole holes if you're close enough and perhaps that would be the darkest/deepest spots/holes there...

(tough in this picture it seems more elliptical than round :p and yes its been civilized since very ancient times with all sorts of advanced beings and other lifeforms and wild jungles wich are very dangerous to go trough unequipped and unprepared (even the plants can be very dangerous and hungry!))


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