Percentage of Population With Each MBTI Personality Type

by Quinton on May 23rd, 2010
Percentage of Population With Each MBTI Personality Type
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freedmftr88: I have a question about this...

When it comes to personality type population charts and studies ? Is there ever changes with say the most updated of MBTI population surveys , polls , charts , etc ? Because if not , it's very interesting. Like how intuitives are the personality type minorities 20% and sensors are 80%. MBTI became more noticed in the mid 1980s ( maybe towards business organizations I don't know ). But of course with the internet and the MBTI Online Communities which were just a little over about 10 - 15 years most. But even though people didn't exactly know their type specifically , through out history intuitives knew they were different from the world around them.
Even John Lennon in this 1970 interview.
"People like us are a minority , we always were."

So that's an interesting historic observation I often wondered , has the population always been that way no matter what year ! Probably one of the most mysterious things ever because all the people in my family were sensors. There's no explanation.

The only way I could think of intuitives getting up into the majorities is when cloning becomes easy though something on those lines of transhumanism or something. ;)

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