People I believe to be aliens (3)

People I believe to be aliens (3)

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bluesbaby5050: Do you think the Back -Stabbers are in this picture TR?

There is only1 human looking male sitting in the middle of these females. Anyone of them COULD be Your Enemy you speak of in this post. From what I can see, it's a small birthday party,( Around Christmas time? -->The Posting on wall-board background). Some of the people are wearing badges showing word s Birthday. Anyone of them could be hybreds. The blond girl sitting on the male could be a Sirian from what you showed us about them, or it's because she is drinking alcohol, this explans the flushed neck,and face. The one on the far right of this picture has a very broad/round face,and far apart eyes,wearing Blue skirt /White top. Like you said, your surrounded. Many of us have also made some Out-Landish comments on TC. ET'S are everywhere's. Not just in the UK. All of us are surrounded, and most people are not aware of this fact.( Not much else to go on.)

Phaminator: A couple of them

Do actually look a bit funny from what I see on this picture. I'd say the girl on the farthest right, the girl holding beer bottle wearing black & white striped shirt, blonde chick in the middle, and that guy (only male in the photo) all looked strange to the point that they might be ETs but that's just my speculation.

bluesbaby5050: Ya I was going to.............

I was going to mention the girl with the striped b/w shirt, her face is weird looking, and she has an extra long neck, and the EYES ON THE BLOND IN THE BACKGROUND ON HER RIGHT SIDE, NEXT TO THE DARK MIDDLE -EASTERN LOOKING GIRL IN THE BACK. That blond HAS MESSED UP EYES TOO. Kind of Yellowish color, the same as the girl with the Blue skirt. Maybe it's the camera? This is very strange, because if it was the camera, it would show a red color to the pupples,NOT THE IRIS. The three girls closest to the male look very strange in the eyes. The male has a broken nose too, and the length of it is very crooked. The male has a orange tinge to his eyes,and so do the girls I picked out. The girl in the background, 3 one in from the left of the picture next to the blond, and next to the middle eastern looking girl has orange eyes, no white to them! I had used a magniftyng glass, and that's what I saw.The girl third 1 in between the blond, and the middle- eastern looking girl has orange/reddish color tinge to her eyes with my magnif. Glass. These are the colors of the reptilians eyes/the iris in them. This is NO supprise because the UK is full of Reptilians, above ground,and below ground. It has been reported that Scottland is the Hot-Bed site of the most Pediofiles located there, and these people are really reptilians in a Hallowgraphic image, said David Icke. This was stated on the public internet access during an on going investigation in Scottland. It stated it has the largest pedo.// sex slave rings located over there. All this has been as an on-going investigation also involving the Bush's,George H.W.Bush Sr. He is a main rapest of a well known girl of the age of now 12 years old. She was only 4 when he had started up with her the girls mother stated to officials during the investigation. And the Clintons,as well as Vice president Cheny, and other well known leaders of the top countries in the world !! Others also exist around the planet in other countries, but this is the Hot-Bed located in Scottland. This is a very famous child abuse crime, and it has been talked about widely on the internet for a while now. The Girl,and her Mother went public with the story. Her mother was a victim of a brain-washing experiements in the 80's-90's and into 2000, as well as her daughter,and they got help by going public with the crimes,and all the history connected to it, and alot involves the White House.. Many secrets are going to be revealed to the public in the very near future, and the people of this planet will truely be shocked when they find out all of the crimes committed by the world leaders,and their close friends, and associates.

Plejade: hmmm I don't consider this

hmmm I don't consider this human moral virtue ( I mean putting public some people private pictures)... It seems to me that only psychopaths can do such a thing, so in I way I am questioning your humanity... are you human or alien pretending to be human so you can manipulate others on their spiritual awakening?

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