Pentacle and moon symbolises Joseph and Mary

Pentacle and moon symbolises Joseph and Mary

The five pointed pentacle symbolises the apostle Barnabas who is believed to be the virgin Mary's wife in gnostic teachings. The apostle Barnabas was atcually called Joseph before he was named the apostle Barnabas. The moon represents the Virgin mary (though technically it represents Mary Magdeline aswell as salome from the bible).

In higher level freemasonry the pentacle represents the apostle Barnabas who represents the Hyades cluster, the number five is used quite often to represent the five visible stars in the Hyades cluster. The Hyades cluster is V shaped and this is where we get the roman numeral V for the number five aswell. Also the V hand sign for the apostle Barnabas is shaped like the Hyades cluster aswell:
the pentacle also has associations with the cyles of Venus.

The moon is symbolic of the moon, though in astrotheology has associations with orions belt aswell, many gods of the moon are triple goddesses, example the triple moon goddess from Wicca, hecate, the roman goddess Diana was also worshipped as a triad. Three marys in the bible (moon goddess in lower level freemasonry. The significance of this is that all these three goddesses are symbolic of the three stars in Orion's belt.

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Terran resistance: I think I was a freemason in a past life...

when I was little I made my own language up where we all talked backwards, how creepy is that... its like I have learnt all this before... Then again I probably have XD

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