by innosmart6702 on December 30th, 2012
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innosmart6702: I want power,wisdom,protection,wealth.

I am still waiting for ur guide on how i will become a member fully.

Tarheel: Okay, we accept your request for membership.

To become a "Member" fully, Look within. Power thru Wealth is not a necessary component, and it can & will cloud your search for The Sacred Truths and Answers you say you seek.

Almost everyone here will help you but The answers you seek lie within.

BB has given you the way thru Annunaki77 & Edisonik teachings.

bluesbaby5050: Your Guide is Annunaki77,and Edisonik............

They will be your guides to the things you have asked for. They are the Master Teachers here. Read the wisedom in this forum from them. You will feel the truth in you Heart. Read Everything in the articals,because there is No Majic Pill. There is plenty of Wisedom contained in every page of this forum since it's beginnings. Welcome. Peace,and Harmony to you.

Annunaki77: INOSMART6702

You want Wisdom, Power, Protection & Wealth.

Wisdom - Be Silent, Learn the Ways of Wisdom. Absorb Sacred Knowledge.

Power - You always had Power but when you checked into this World , your belief in yourself and personal Intuition has been stripped from you, by this Monolithic Reptilian SSTA System.

Wealth - Wealth is in you, it is only a Thought away, if you believe within your Inner Being you are Wealthy you will Manifest Wealth into this Reality. Stock up on Silver and Gold, that's another way to start, but Knowledge is Wealth also.

Protection, Say this Prayer everday, " Great Spirit please Protect the Human Race, Please protect Planet Earth, please Protect me and my Family, thank you Great Spirit".
Bingo your Protected by THE ONE.

Everything you Desire starts with you, you can show the Horse Water, but it's up to the Horse to Decide if the Horse wants to Drink from the Sacred Waters of Reality Manifestation.

No Easy Way Out - Robert Tepper

innosmart6702: i will implement all that you have said in my life.

Thank you.peace and harmony.

bluesbaby5050: That's great !

You will find that the information here is very enlightening, and you will be happy you joined. And Peace and Harmony to you too }:>)

Annunaki77: INNOSMART6702

If you use your Heart and Believe, you will become what you were destined to become and that is a Master of all , This Planet is a School for Learning, Once you Master what we have taught on this Forum you will Understand that Power is nothing , what is Something is you because you are a Member of Heaven.

No One can take that away from you, but it starts within yourself, you must Drink from the Cup that I have Given you. Drink and you will awaken.

Drink from my Cup, do not let others make that choice for you.

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