Our Back Yard, Planet Earth!

by bluesbaby5050 on November 13th, 2012
Our Back Yard,  Planet Earth!

This is a recently taken picture of all Our Space Junk around our planet Earth! What a Mess this is! Everyone of these objects is very dangerous to any space craft ,because they could hit our Alien Allie's space ships, never mind one of our own space ships from Earth! Will we ever have a place in outter space to collect all this space junk, and process it into something RE-useable again? This picture reminds me of the Hit movie, WALL-E. It was about a planet that was our future planet Earth, and the people of Earth got very crowded, and the Earth people had to live on a huge Mothership that had all the robots doing all the work of the people, and they all became couch potatoes, and they became very fat, so Fat thet they just Ate, and Drank, and Watched Television all day long, and never bothered to talk to each other, UN-less it was by Cell Phones! ( Does this sound familiar to you?) The Earth people were waited on daily, by all the robots that they had created to wait on them for all their needs! It got so bad that the people Never walked, they would ride the remote controlled chairs! Because of this, their muscels Atropied! ( The muscels shrunk down to just skin, and bones.)The people would dispose of all their trash by loading it all up onto huge space shuttles, and then they would make Air Drops of all that trash down to the surface of planet Earth, and then a robot, named WALL-E would sort out all that trash during the day time hours. This picture reminds me of this movie. Is this a sublime message of the times to come for humanity? I sure hope NOT! Let's all do something positive while we still have a chance! Let's do something to remedy this situation BEfore it gets out of control ! We humans are shepards to this planet,and to all the plant,and animal living on it. Let's do our part,because planet Earth is our home,for now.

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bluesbaby5050: This picture is a view of the Pacific Ocean, and...

And the land mass of the continent of Africa,and the Middle Eastern countries,and the Asian side of our Planet Earth. YES, THIS PICTURE IS VERY REAL!

HebrianDaniel: Atleast they can protect us

Atleast they can protect us from Astroids :D

bluesbaby5050: Your funny H/D!

Your Funny Daniel! HAHAHAHA! Yup, they could also protect us with the propper programming.

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