Orion - a symbol of transformation

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UN.i1-PHI: TR's pics are also taken out?

or was this already/before like that?

ps ejh gandalf the white where did you go again please come back sometime tell us how your doing miss you man ;)

bluesbaby5050: To UNI.1...........

I've seen TR'S name below when he IS on, but he makes no comments, or postings now. I guess he just checks in to see what is new on the postings then he is off TC again. He was on here just last week.

UN.i1-PHI: thanks im bit worried last time i heard he was being molested

and monitored all time and the nasty ones are causing some offensing trouble upon him i hope he's doing good/better/OK now...
and i hope i dont have to worry if he's safer now,afterall he came back like gandalf the white after being dragged down in hell with the demons like in the movie controlled by the rings u know ;p

bluesbaby5050: He has Quit going to college all together, and.............

He had told us a while ago, that he decided to do some traveling, and enjoy his life instead, and he said later on, after this , that he made the right choice, and he is being left alone now. Good for TR!

UN.i1-PHI: talking bout TRansformation

i'm glad to hear that again,and i recall him saying something like that maybe but maybe becus i noticed more pressure on the negativity of him fleeing so he can be left alone and not be bothered than the positive nice things he seek on his journey :) i hope he's having a nice time now, he probably better not say where he is anymore but i would wish to hear something from 'gandalf the wise' again ;)

btw i was going to say something about his work he done on here tc with all the occult symbolism he was exposing, i noticed that some ppl noticed there was a lot of negativity exposed repeatedly by that, and i agree it can be unhealthy to be exposed all the time to such things, but wherever we go we're dealing with it anyway, so he was also doing it to really EXPOSE the subliminal tricks behind them so the effect of them would be dealt properly with and transformed and made disfunctional by the awareness of it, cause once you're aware about the trick and its connections, you won't fall as easily for it as it was ment to do and the subliminal subconscious effect will be conquored by an aware consciousness!

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