Origins of Satanism, stems from the church...

Origins of Satanism, stems from the church...

Window on a Parish church of St.Barnabus in Bethnal Green, London.

with a Pentagram!

O' gosh, I wonder why that is.

Well I can tell you the Pentagram is to do with the Apostle Barnabas which I have been harping on about.

Its five pointed because in higher level freemasonary the pentagram represents the hyades cluster, dont know how at the moment, but I do know that the hyades cluster is given the value of 5 which is why the roman numeral V (which the Hyades cluster is shaped like) has the value of 5.

So a five pointed star makes sence in other words...

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enara: Are you serious?

"The pentagram was used in ancient times as a Christian symbol for the five senses. Medieval Christians believed that the "pentalpha" symbolizes the five wounds of Christ. The pentagram was believed to protect against demons."
If it had anything to do with satanism, it would be reversed.
It just shows you have no idea of what this symbol means.

UN.i1-PHI: geometrical abuse/claiming for selfish purpouses/energies

it just shows you probably have no idea how christianity and satanism, just as well as all the other religions are part of the same malevolant agenda/scheme for controlling the beasts and making them worship/serve their deceptive commanding slavemasters/tyrants who made them call and consider them as superior 'gods' or 'the god', as the creator of the universe and all, and make them consider themselfs inferior/sinfull...

the pentagram is SACRED GEOMETRY, it is something UNIVERSAL, pure logic/geometry=mathematics

they abuse sacred symbols for empowering their own malevolant intentions and implanting that subliminal or even consciously in the minds and beliefs of the people, as long as you consider it like that it will affect you like that... this is the power of symbols and the abusal for self-profit and implying fear and other negative energies/toughts/implications/ideas/minds and practices supporting them...

they do this to draw and create negative enviorments and mindsets for themselves because you and others make it to be by accepting it and believing consciously or subconsciously

i love the geometry of five, pentagram&pentagon and the dodecahedron and others it is a awesome and they embed mystical and universal concepts&laws.. such as that of the golden mean/ratio, it is an ratio found troughout whole the universe wich is naturally applied/resulted and can be applied by ourselves to create good self-similar/-reflective/ fractal harmony wich results in awesome optimalistic/efficient functioning & cohesion/coherence and in beautifull aesthetics!

Terran resistance: ooy fucktard

It's a church of Barnabas.

when its upside down it represents hell when its up it represents the Hyades cluster.

Terran resistance: also

pentalpha" symbolizes the five wounds of Christ. The pentagram was believed to protect against demons.

Like hell it is. Do you know why its called penta-Alpha?

Alpha comes from the first greek letter of the ancient greek Alpha-bet which comes from bull symbols which represent Satan and from the Hyades cluster.

Revelation 22:13
I am the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End.

Terran resistance: also

The orgins of Amen come from Zeus-Ammon, its worshipping the father as a part of the trnity i.e satan has always been in the church! Mary the holy spirit and Jesus the son of god which make up the trinity in freemasonry

Sky: The star upside down is the satan symbol.

The star when upside down is the Satan symbol. Incidentally with the Atonist (Aton worship out of Ancient Egypt) all shadow is subjected to be all bad. This is due to an obsession with light. Kinda like when confronting someone on their antisocial behaviour and the person confronted can only say be positive and don't hold me accountable for anything. NO PUN INTENDED HERE. This type of thinking is criminal in my book.. This polarization as I would put it would explain how women (the female principal) in many parts of the old testament bible are given this symbol. Women were given a terrible sentence from the time of Genesis creation story. This is wrong big time. The Goddess was demonized. In fact the female pincipal of spirituality, as represented in the goddess, was called the ABOMINATION by many well known Patriarchs of the old testament. The reason this happens as I recall, and I believe deceased mythologist Joseph Campbell in his MASKS OF GOD SERIES would agree follows next. Somewhere in it CAMPBELL explains when a person is obsessed with the masculine qudranular way of thinking emotion turns into a DARE I say, A BITCH, since emotion is denied it's role in motivating intellect to be human rather than a post-human robot. Therefore Atonist do not provide psychological integration of emotion that properly motivates intellect. Naturally (key word is NATURE denied psychological/&spiritual integration) Satan is demonized with the star being a symbol of the human body then turned upside down. I would not be surprised that Atonism also lead to a negative symbiois where LIGHT is rightly so distrusted since it turns to blinding light that lacks the integration of shadow. I find it a travesty that Saint Jerome mistranslated LUCIFER to mean the devil or Saton. Think, doesn't it naturally follow that a SOLAR (Saturn the other Sun) LIGHT obsessed culture, as the Atonist were, that later carried over to Christainty, it is not surprising to me that light became distrusted like an over done commercial in marketing gimmicks.

Terran resistance: bump


Terran resistance: bump


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