Origins of the red, white and blue colours of flags

Origins of the red, white and blue colours of flags

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Quinton: That's really interesting and

That's really interesting and makes sense.

Tarheel: So, Betelgeuse is red, Rigel is white and the Belt is Blue ?

Looks like I have my "confirmation" work cut out for me tonight. It's supposed to be clear, Im gonna whoop out my telescope and double check ya, TR.

I will say that I have NOT noticed the color differentiation prior to now, and I promise you I pan The Heavens NIGHTLY. I have 4 dogs that have to "relieve themselves" and it's NEVER at the same time (LOL) so I always grab my binoculars to look for any irregularities while they are TCOB.
I will also say, I havent been looking for the said color differentiation, though.

Tarheel: Upon further Review,it's a real stretch.IMHO-Pics been doctored.

I guess we'd have to speak with Betsy Ross to get the real story, BUT Betelgeuse does have a kinda reddish hue, but Sirius is more white that Rigel. And I tried but I just couldnt see the Blue in the belt. I would rather suggest you look to your 2nd favorite star cluster symbology topic, and from afar Pleiades (you know TR, your "question mark" source) looks bluish according to Bauval.

Im NOT trying to discredit TR. This is simply my observation/s.

Terran resistance: in my opinion

either the red white and blue represent three different star clusters or they represent one single star cluster/constellation.

so I dont think red and white would represent orion while blue represents the pleiades.

They could represent the three colours of the trinity (sirius, orion, pleiades (moon?)), but that is unlikely in my opinion. But you are welcome to keep trying other combinations.

Tarheel: My point shuda been, perhaps they're implying.....

...."look to The (major) Stars/Star Clusters>Sirius, Orion & Pleiades"?

I dunno. I'm just reachin.....REALLY reachin. I did get out the hardware and I didnt see ALL the colors.

Tarheel: My humble telescope is NOT Mauna Kea Observatory either, so....., I may not have been able to see the colors you presented as possible incentive for the various flags. Again, I am NOT saying you are wrong in your interpretation.

I looked again last night w/ simple binocs (3 different sets) and I can kinda/sorta see where somebody MIGHT say R/W/B from Orion system, but it wasnt blatant. You need a little imagination.

Terran resistance: hhmmmmm

well im currently looking into the star of ishtar for some answers (which the union jack has), you dont so happen to know the colors of the Hyades cluster do you?

Tarheel: Yes, I do.

Hades dominant color is RED ! (joking)

I'm sorry I cannot help you with that BUT, have ya checked Google Sky? I think it sucks but others like it.

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