Original Raelism Logo / Symbol

by Quinton on April 17th, 2009
Original Raelism Logo / Symbol

If this doesn't raise a few red flags I don't know what will.

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dvogel: Raelism logo

Hi Quinton, to me it looks like the David star and the Swastika mixed. I guess its a mix of ancient religions. Do you see something else?

Quinton: That's what I see too... Nazi

That's what I see too... Nazi Zionism basically. The name is also interesting: Ra-El. Similar to Is-Ra-El. You have the Egyptian sun god Ra and the Hebrew god El.

Terran resistance: nazi

nazi means national zionism party in reality, the star of david represents the apostle Paul while the swastika represents the apostle barnabas who were enemies, this is another yin and yang symbol from my perspective.

dvogel: It is a bit strange

It is a bit strange, but the Swastika is not Nazi as such. Its one of the most ancient religous signs we have. You find it in almost all religions of the world, from the far east to native americans. Talking about Raelism, I think they are a bit too much. They might be on the right track with the alien creators but to have a church and that you have to pay them and such is not a good sign.

Terran resistance: your right

the swastika represents alot of things for example

In terms of christianity is represents the apostle barnabas(Joseph from the bible).
in terms of ancient egyptian mythology is represents sekhmet/khepri.
in terms of buddhism it represents Buddha .
in terms of hindu mythology it represents krishna/ hanuman.
in terms of mayan mythology it represents Huitzilopochtli.
in irish mythology it represents nuada the silver hand.
to the ancient greeks it represented pan/Hades.
To the norse it represented Tyr

I could go on and on and on.

in higher level freemasonry it represents aldebaran I recon, hence why the national zionist party used it.

Tarheel: Where did you find this tid-bit, Quinton?

On the surface, it certainly seems to be contradictory. Hitler would have had the originator of this symbol "offed".

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