Occultic symbol for the orion group in new film?!

Occultic symbol for the orion group in new film?!

symbol for orion group in a new trailer by occultists for a new film coming out.

I believe its called Lords of salem and its being directed by this guy:



The triple moon goddess/triad with the symbol of Orion's belt on their foreheads.

These are the brides of satan.

The Orion empire / group is a group of negatvely polarised faction of ETs.

Who manipulate satanists for their own purposes.


think this:

For more of my pictures go to:

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bluesbaby5050: GO FIGURE! ROB ZOMBIE!

I think his wife is the middle one. Sometimes she will partake in the acting in alot of his films,and his music too. He sure is one dark soul! I like some of his music, But NOT ALL! He has some very dark active plays running though his skull! Maybe this is his fantasies he would love to really act apon,but restains himself for fear of jail time? Ya-I think so!

Terran resistance: yeah metal and metalish songs is sort of a

guilty pleasure, even though they are probably bad for your health lol XD

I've noticed some songs affect intent, and have backwards lyrics in them which are supposed to be suggestive, and make you think things.

e.g korn evolution


Tarheel: Thunder Kiss '65

Best White Zombie tune ever.

and a SPANKIN video to boot.

bluesbaby5050: Well! I have to say..........

This is DISCUSTING SHIT AT IT'S FINEST !! SNAKE FLICKIN FREAKO- SICKO- Bitch Licking a REAL tiny baby ready to devour the poor thing!! Rob Zombie is under the Control of the Orion Queens ,and Company for Sure! This film will be a favorite for Helloween! They Make me want to VOMIT!

Terran resistance: I know ive probably said this before but


similar symbol, god Marduk chasing tiamat in sumerian tablet, sorry picture is small...

marduk = mars = mary

three marys in the bible



bluesbaby5050: My Guilty Pleasure is.......

Pure ~ Smooth ~ Deep ~ Dark ~ Chocolate! YUM~YUM! }:>O I'll Stick to that ~ ThankYou! HAHAHA!

Terran resistance: hmmmm

good choice, but i'll stick with my milk chocolate

bluesbaby5050: Milk Chocolate......

Would be My Second Choice. It's ALL GOOD! YUMMY!

bluesbaby5050: Related to Orion........The Three Mary's=

ENlil~ Jesus~Of course!

Terran resistance: funny you mention that

because the symbol for enlil is a lion

lion= symbol for orion

like sphinx, giza pyramids aligned to orion aswell shows the connection

also enlils bow is alot like artemis bow

artemis is worshipped along side athena and aphrodite, guess what they represent XD

Tarheel: Athena is "a bomb" according to Roger

Roger Daltrey that is.....haha...short version video for TR


Terran resistance: athena

I think you broke my ear drums. thx for sharing

Tarheel: Me too-I LOVE The Who/Stones/Beatles/Pink Floyd-TR

In fact, MOST of The British invasion.

Ya do know that Mick and Keith AND John Lennon moved to The States. That means we're better. Ha-ha!

Oh, btw...these are "Legendary Times", arent they TR ?

Terran resistance: music has to start somewhere

but i would say 80s music is defo the best.

bluesbaby5050: You had to be born into the 80's then?

Or the late 70's? 80's was NOT that great. Some but, not The best.( My Opinion:-)

Tarheel: Music "BEST" depends on the Genre.

Jazz- 90s
Pop- never
Classical-19th CENTURY
New Age-New Age
World Stage Music- what's that?

bluesbaby5050: Ya?

Well, Tell me then. I do not want to guess.

Terran resistance: orion

they represent orions belt
three stars three deities

the picture is a hint to this aswell

also artemis is a moon goddess
these goddesses artemis, athena, aphrodite, later became the triple moon goddess in paganism.

bluesbaby5050: Ohhhh. That makes alot of sense.......

Thanks for your answer. I was going to say Sex. That was my answer. Hahahahaha! There might be a connection anyways? Do Ya think so TR?

Terran resistance: yeah

alot of romantic films are actually about satan and one of his brides

like beauty and the beast

sex plays a part in the occult becuase it makes you more prone to suggestion, well thats what I think anway, hence why most songs are about sex. Because sex sells, its about keeping us attached to trivial things that dont really matter and destroying the classic family. Broken families make lots of dumb people for the elites to control, aswell as keeping the birth rate of dumb people up.

bluesbaby5050: Yup this is so true!

People just do not get it! They are so blind! Sex is the lower chakra. It is one of the Primal urges too. People are too pre-occupied with it. The Reptilians control humans via sex alot,and they do not know this. This is why people should control their sexual urges,and this will also raise your vibrations higher. They do not know this either,until they begin to study spirituality at it's fullest.

Ecbra de Oaoj: simbols and persons

interesting; so... Athenas, Artemis and Venus are tree evil witches... trepresenting the tree orions stars above... hurrum...
I read other version; from same source maybe;
the tree star would be... MOe; Lary and Curly. and...
all people with skin vermillion are from Shrimp's Planet, situed in star cluster... errr... in Aquarius constelations...


well... Im avoiding coment your posts because I... know me. Somethimes Im rude because; I not like crack or take pills of happyness. neither agree with idolatries or blood sacrifices.
so... I dont resist, I need say: you dont ilude me. there are some motion that make you distort meanings. and slander.

I not will defend no one these Entities; if they exists they will do it better than me, Im sure. You are a grand title in govern? Im not. just a man in my Country. but in few... decades. we are out from this shell and; I dont will provocate no one with defame. I think better. What do you think? buuh!

Free speech is very very important; and good humor let us smile and turn behavior along beauty. I realy glad that we are understand one anothers; why we Earth humans need be enimies? profit for... greed. like Libia...?
This question could be aswers diferents because... are people that dont wanna peace for hide interests.


humans not are catle; or robots.

and; finally; you have all reason metal is mind subliminal; terrible. bring arquetips of destrution and; etc. but...
Justin Beaber is worst I think... what... noise is it? hahaha...

yes... after you left; to pass. your service to Empire- ? - ... when you see that no are matter opress in name of flag or family, or salary or lands, castles, ... when you descover ilusion behind...

lets make a song... with druns and guitar, bass, microfones. rock and roll bro.
or... do you like more... samba?


Freedom and Truth; all point of wiew that get fit in

Tarheel: Your uproxx link was dead (link not found).

Ecbra comes in good faith and with messages of Peace and Love.

Dont mess with Ecbra, please.

Terran resistance: ill leave linking for

ill leave the linking for the professionals

Ecbra de Oaoj: stop with childish boy...

please... post what you wanna, no one want you stop it...

but... well... its a forum man... lets talk... open your mind...

Terran resistance: only joking

dont worry, since we were on the topic of music XD

you guys take what i say too seriously sometimes

Ecbra de Oaoj: lol

not worry; include what... more than music.

we have a... proverb here (rumpt...) ...
who says what want hear what not want.

why... we need bow to extraterrestrials or... someone inputed autority? We are catle or free to choice our Destiny? God exist inside us too... congratulations...! its fine... shines Courage...
Irreverenc is nice; rock and roll along.

Fur Her... for he. like this music... says very well...:


" killing in the name of... (... ) And now you do what they told ya, now you're under control (...)

Fuck you, I won't do what you tell me... ."

why... kill in the name... more? Enough. please, Peace for us. Harmony among vibes.

but... disrrespect... is other thing... diferent; guy. think about; I believe thay you understand...



bluesbaby5050: OMG!

Did Tiny Have any Kids while Married to that Skinny Chick= Dianna? They were Married on the Johnny Carson Show. I watched it LIVE @ The time. In 1970 somthing? He was one of the Favorites of that Show!

Tarheel: Moe/Larry/Curly-I'm LMAO. But J.Beiber is a demonic joke.

Justin Beeber. Puh-h-h-h-LEASE! The things people fall for!
We agree my "Brazilian Brother from another Mother"-Ecbra !

That's why we love ya, Ecbra !

bluesbaby5050: Your Correct! Ecbra.

The Three Mary's = Moe=Larry=Curley! Hahahahaha! And the planet with those SHRIMP L00king- Humanoids in the Aquarius Cluster too! }:>)) Gotta Love YA- ECBRA!

Ecbra de Oaoj: page not... found. here.

content uplouuds ... blibribri... e ... blabla...bla.
that good! I really dont wanna... enter. there.

youtube...? hammm... yes, yes I... know it from you ; relax.


nice? hummm... Im not critical;
just prefeer...

Peace. and Harmony.


sorry if I bother you I just; wanted. bring some songs to... share.

bluesbaby5050: Ecbra-Your Not a Bother!

We like Dancing in the Rain too! We have the North American Version // with Gene Kelly! }:>)

Ecbra de Oaoj: Tarheel...

yes; Brother.


Brothers. not gays.

lets dance, mano... e´ nois. hahaha...

Peace, Peace... Peace.

Ecbra de Oaoj: yes baby...


the songs of Freedom...

we are.


kisses in Heart; loved Falcon Godess...

Elohin are seeing... lets prove that Humantiy must prevail.

Strenght and Love... always

bluesbaby5050: You got That Right!

Yes! Always! }:>)

innosmart6702: you guy's ve gone far

I'm feeling your flow.

Tarheel: Hop on board for The Ride !

WE do intend to have fun, and stomp some ace and take some names while doin so.

Oh, BTW...we're only getting started. Keep an eye out (if you're not joining us) and you'll see.

innosmart6702: brother

I must join because l'm feeling the flows. Peace .peace .peace

contactorion: The Fates

The three fates of greece, witches. That is the symbol of orion.

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