Obama foam fingers

Obama foam fingers

The fingers shaped in the shape of a V represent The alpha from the alpha and omega in the Bible.

V has a numerical value of five which represent the five visible stars in the night sky in the Hyades cluster.

Also the V shape of the fingers represents the hyades cluster also.

The guy sticking his tongue out, also represents the alpha from the alpha and omega as in the picture.

But most freemasons lower down dont know this (lol).
they often tilt the v sidesways to distinguish it from the casual peace sign.

"I will open my mouth... I will utter things which have been kept secret from the foundation of the world." Matthew 13:35

The reason that the alphabet is called the alphabet is because of the Alpha being the first letter of the alphabet, The letter A comes from an old bull hierglyph in ancient egypt, The hyades cluster is represented as being a bull and is located in the constellation of taurus.

The black sun represents the star Aldebaran which the Nazis used to worship...

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bluesbaby5050: They will be selling all these types of symbols....

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bluesbaby5050: FUNNY! Notice that OBAMA Head ..........

L00ks like the man on the Right Minus the eye glasses? lol!

Twilight_youth: Correction

A few corrections. V has nothing to do with the Hyades and there are not 5 stars within the cluster but 7. The Hyades and Pleades are part of the constellation Taurus. Taurus is associated with the Heirophant card in the tarot and is #5.

The "V" symbol of victory has been rumored to have been coined by Aliester Crowley and given to Eisenhower as a kind of amulet against the Nazi party who were solar worshipers. The sun is = to Osiris who is killed by Set and is then resurrected by Isis. Set is often depicted with upraised arms as in a "V"

But today the "V" for victory hand sign is simply "victory" or "peace" for most people and that is exactly what is happening here. Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.

The toung sticking out has nothing to do with Alpha and Omega. Some imagery depicting devils and wrathful dieties show a toung sticking out. but It's really irrelevant because these guys are at worst misguided and at best just doing that they believe is the right thing to do. give them a break.

Aldabaran is associated with the black sun but more anciently it was Saturn that was called the black sun. The Sun itself is also called the 'black sun' when going through it's underworld journey at night time.

Aldabaren is the right eye of Taurus and the mythic origins of Taurus related to Jupiter having sex with the mortal woman Europa from whome the europeans (and the merovingians in particular), descend from.

I have browsed through some of your other posts and found quite a few mistakes and incorrect information.

I just thought you would like to know because I imagine you would hate to be a "useful idiot" for the people you are railing against.

Terran resistance: yeah

your correct about aliester crowley thats for sure.
but saturn I think is a different symbol to the black sun though I think they could be related
saturn symbol is usally a 7 pointed star from what I read so would be to do with the pleiadians in the hollow earth.

the passing of saturn and venus in the sky is similar to sun and moon worship in freemasonary...

There are two sun symbols to do with the inner earth hence the confusion sometimes:

I was talking about 5 VISIBLE stars in the hyades cluster when you look up at the night sky, then again I havnt looked up in the night sky for quite a while becuase of light pollution -.-

V is everything to do with the hyades cluster in fact it is a symbol on sumerian tablets aswell. In fact is the only symbol im 100% sure about so crawl back under your rock you came from XD

Terran resistance: ALSO

the eye is nothing to do with taurus
its to do with orion hence the story of three witches sharing an eye between them

bluesbaby5050: I love your Witt TR!

Don't ever change! LOL !

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