From trials and tribulations
I've developed a knack for patience
So I'm camouflaged and waitin'
When it comes to retaliation
Infiltratin' surveyin' your spot,
Gotta plot so I don't get caught
My click is hot, by the cops were sought,
They'd love to empty out our knot
Therefore engagin' in tactics the average soldier couldn't grasp
But I'll leave it at that
Cause I know detectives try decodin' my raps
They tryin' to lock all of us up,
They might have killed the babies and los
They knew that snoop didn't kill nobody
Yet sentenced him to the most
No doubt the media's on their side,
The media feeds the nation lies
They just relay what the government say,
They're puppets for the public's eyes
This world's built up of gangs,
Some are bigger some are smaller
F.B.I, C.I.A, Norteno, Crip, Blood we all are... set trippin'
But the A.T.F decides how many straps we get,
The D.E.A decides just how much coke and heroin's smuggled in
And so on... it goes on from the top to the bottom
And we're at the bottom
Livin' up in these streets
So fuck you pigs when you ask me why I shot 'em

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bluesbaby5050: I as well as many others, get your drift..............

Though the music that the truth can be spoken, it can be used as a tool in this case, and that others are reading between the lines. But, guns, and the use of violence is NOT the answer to the worlds problems. As it stands now, there is a better way to resolve the worlds problems with out conflict, because this planet, and the human race has suffered much, and we the people are fed up with violence, and all the wars, and all the needless bloodshed it brings with it. We are tired of being the Guinea pigs, and the Lab Rats so the Elite can test their new modern high technology-WAR MACHINES on the worlds populations, and the poisons that this gives off, and mother Gaia is SICK of the poison mess, and the disregards for human, animal, and plant life on her lands, and in her seas. She will clean it up with no regards for the humans on her surface, and hidden inside her body. The human race has to mature, and get out of the playpen of wars. The galactic federations will not allow humans in to space killing, and destroying other life forms, and other planets. They want Peace, and Advancement on other worlds, and we need to journey off planet Earth, and explore other worldly realms. Humanity can NOT bring their messy baggage with them. It's time to clean it up, and resolve problems in a mature manner with each other, and put the guns away. It is NOT Cool Killing others! Your outlook on matters will only serve the Elite and give them freeway to install Martial Law on to the public, and this Violence is what they Want, and Need to INSTALL THE NWO. Don't Feed the War Machines! Your pic says it all...... Street Gangs are NOT the answer.

UN.i1-PHI: This country was built on gangs.

This country was built on gangs.
I think this country is still run on gangs.
Republicans, democrats, the police department, the FBI, the CIA... those are gangs!
The correctional officers.
I had a correctional officer tell me, 'we the biggest gang in New York state'.
Tupac Amaru Shakur
2pac-Revolution lyrics

Tupac Court Video 1995.

UN.i1-PHI: Gangsta means leader!

Gangsta means leader!

we need more real leaders in the streets/ (the system)
theres just too much ppl who will just blindly follow (the system)
we need more real leaders who know what's going on/(the system)
and how to defend and fight for ourselves and eachother, who know the real enemy (the system)
not more corrupt murderous maniacs running things against life&humanity in nobility and conspiracy like they do (the system)

too bad so much ppl nowadays are convinced by mainstreams(the system) that to be gangsta is to wear chains, walk with your ass out on streets and shoot your homie for wearing another color

Gangsta's be leaders, be stars!
shine your own light!
and don't be chained!

UN.i1-PHI: Pac got 'THUG LIFE' on his belly not 'gangsta'

cause he came straight out the gutter of this system, and all this term gangsta nowadays is used for is to describe and evoke gangs of people in the same situations busting at eachother, to play war against eachother while there's a war being played against all yall by the system but all they got to bust back at is eachother, and the cops, who originally are also 'just people' who joint to serve&'protect' the system, but this whole process serves the system as more people are getting fucked up and locked up

like this humanity is divided, blinded, and blocked from uniting and making a progress for the better of humanity, and meanwhile the lizards be advancing our enslavement to them and eating your children

now we've all heard how tupac lived a thug life and had some troubles
but if you see how much hearts 2pac touched, inspired and woke up, and understand these thug life experiences/struggles is what also made him realize what's up in this life/system
you'd see how, with all his influence till the present day, he helps to lead an world wide web of wakening grassroots!

but if you do get the 'real' definition of gangsta wich i was trying to explain of being a leader instead of an servant/participant in 'sensless' mutual destruction
i think you could say he's now one of the greatest gangSTARS who have lived and spread his message across the world trough such an amazing way of artistical&musical expression!

bluesbaby5050: GET A CLUE!

People have moved past wars in this forum! Your the one promoting this BS WARS CRAP ON TO US HERE, AND WE DON'T LIKE IT EITHER. Your from Reptilian Origins, and you stated this yourself in the past on this forum, and we all know how they love blood, and wars for blood, and dis-contentment. They just love to create chaos, and destruction where ever they go. We are on to you. You never did change back then, or now. Same OLD STYLE.

UN.i1-PHI: this is all your delusion

you got/interpreted practically everything wrong about me on a personal level, please do not needlessly involve any personal issues you have with me in the forum, because i somehow can't have a normal conversation with you anymore, and everytime i try to explain myself it just blows up, i try to not to react anymore to your delusion your propagating about me but you keep on doing it and accusing me of being a government shill or a troll or a reptilian who likes bloodshed, i know this not to be true and proves your delusion for myself atleast, plus i have not discussed anything of being of reptilian origins until others did because they assumed i were because my name was 11ORION11,and so you're full of pre-judice for thinking this, all i post is pro-humanity and anti enslavement system and you should know this too by now, claiming the opposite about my personal intentions is very offensive, unfair, false and misinforming, and you have done this repeatedly in the past trying to portray me as the crap you think i am and do
please stop feeding your false crap you think about me and leave me and the forum alone from it

i do not like to respond to these personal issues anymore but you provoke me everytime you do bring it up(something false&wrong about me), and also for such kind of reason i deleted my previous account, is it clear now?


YOU EVEN SAID YOUR MOTHER TOLD YOU THAT YOU CAME FROM AN EGG! You even bugged Edisonik for a while until he made you keep quiet. No on e wants to talk to you now, except the new members because they do know all about you YET. You make trouble, and you ALSO ENJOY IT, while playing different parts behind the scenes with older members on TC, and the administration is on to this behavior now. Your the DELUSIONAL one UNI1.

UN.i1-PHI: say whatever you say... but it doesnt make it true

i did not tell you that, how often must i ask to stop invoking personal issues like these, i have once entrusted you with private information and even with a dream of my mother but whatever you remembered of it is completely false, i did not told you i came from an egg from orion as you have mentioned before, now again you provoke me to discuss something personal i do not want to have shared in public for several reasons even needless to say, but now i have to explain it was not saying i came from an egg from orion, it was a dream that had to do with the amount of days before i got born, nothing said i was from orion except my name, and this is where everyone else first said my origins must be from orion before i even proposed it that way, get over your delusion because you think i'm your enemy while i used to be you friend in someway, i always had nice conversations with you until you had this conviction of me conspiring against the forum (and humanity), and that you think i like negativity and bloodshed and as if i support the reptilian take over
for so far i want to be, i am an benevolant being! with benevolant intentions towards humanity on this planet and in its situation of being taken hostage and controlled by et's who want to see the carnage of bloodshed and poison
i mean no harm, it's all good, but don't take my word for it, take my work for it
(eventough YOU dont accept both and continue to portray me as the evil trouble you think i am)
having to explain this only gives me regret and wish to delete, but then ofc you're talk about me remains left so you force me to have negative false remarks about me and my identity in public on this forum either way, if i would just let you have your say and ignore it and if i would respond to you and eventually regret it so much i want to delete stuff wich i can't and has no sense as your propaganda bout me stays here and there in threads that have nothing to do with our personal issues

so to everyone else; i'm sorry for explaining myself again wich actually shouldn't be apologized to but i do apologise for having this discussions in these threads, i too wish it ends now...

bluesbaby5050: We do remember this being told to Us on TC...........

And NO not ALL of them are negative. Just as all humans are not bad. It is a mix. Your just trying to COVER UP WHAT YOU TOLD US IN THE FORUM, and we all read it in the forum, and we even had a discussion on this. And Not in private as your now telling it, and this is so the new members will pick up on this, Your lie. Most of us on TC are not racists against any alien race whether it be Reptilians or what have you. It's how THEY TREAT THE HUMAN RACE, that really counts here. I'm done with this, and you now. You can talk to yourself for all I care, and I do NOT. Your Trouble here, and this is what happens when you again show up on this forum. And You bring TC down in to the Lower Vibrations on purpose. It won't work! We are moving ahead whether you approve of it or not. Bye.

bluesbaby5050: The United States of America was..................

Was Not built on gangs in the early 1600's. It was built from the hard working classes of people that sort refuge from their controlled Religious countries, that were starving their country men, and woman, and children to death. They came to America to have a better life. If you bothered to study the early American history you would find that gangs had NOTHING to do with this, because they simply did not exist. Putting these statements in a rap song does NOT make it correct. Your part of the Mis-informed youth, and from Mis -informed youth in the UK TOO. It only makes it sound very IGNORANT.

UN.i1-PHI: ever heard of colonialism

and their colonies across the world (invading and eradicating the indeginous people) aren't those to be considered gangs too, or sub-gangs, who rape, plunder and enslave grounds/parts of life on earth

and btw, this might upset some ppl who have some sort of american patriotic mindset, but i do not trust/believe that america was founded as independant and righteous as history propagates and sure it would have to be built by regular people who have enough control crap everywhere and want to be independant, but i think the whole founding and emerging of 'america' was from the beginning... let's say; part of an evil masterplan to take over the world

argument/reason: this masterplan for world domination is fundamentally so old it has its events pre-planned 'ages' before they come into play

bluesbaby5050: I MADE MY POINT!

YOU WILL NOT GET A FIGHT OUT OF ME. What was stated BY YOU, was the TRUTH. LIKE IT OR NOT, you made it PUBLIC to this forum yourself. Now your acting just like the SAME OLD 11ORION11. People are smart enough to read between the lines here, as I AM TOO. Our memories are just fine too. We at TC are NOT DUMBED DOWN BY THE WATERED POISONS FED TO UN- Suspecting people. We are not new to your games you play here often as in the past, and then you leave for a few days to a week, and RE-appear again, and you came back with a even worse attitude then before. Your very Sneaky/Snaky UNI1. YOUR A SHILL, NO TWO WAYS ABOUT IT. I WAS ON TO YOU FROM THE FIRST TIME YOU ARRIVED HERE DURING THE GREAT SHILL ON- SLAUGHT ON TC. You had arrived at the SAME TIMES THEY-UK SENT TR, AND AST, and many others, THEY LEFT. But TR stayed on to become a better person, and he gave a lot, and he learned a lot. TR SAID HE HAD A BAD CROWD OF PEOPLE WORKING HARD ON HIM WHERE HE IS FROM-THE UK TOO. He said they were everywhere, and even at night all night long they harassed him bad. Mind machines were used on him. He shared all this torment with us on TC. we grew to care about him as well. This is the MAIN STREAM SOURCE OF GOVERNMENT SHILLS, of COURSE, THE UK, sent from the ORION QUEEN BITCH REPTILIAN BLOOD SUCKER THAT SHE REALLY IS! So just leave us alone here. TC runs just fine without Shills, and Trolls. Get a real life, and TRY to be happy.

UN.i1-PHI: yes you did made you point

regardless of how false and full of delusion it is, you had your say, i already accepted that and left you alone because just won't leave me alone and without false sayings about me
you have no right to tell me to leave, this is all up to the admin and i hope he, unlike you, doesnt see me as the enemy for whatever reasons you make up&come up with
thinking i am an shill/troll & enemy after all my input that was intended beneficial for humanity is just your problem, so stop trying to pass this on to others as you are by these messages in both direct accusive/judging and insinuating ways

since we can't have a normal discussion/question conversation anymore, please
stop to roll like a troll over me

bluesbaby5050: The shills , and trolls also.............

Pass on some knowledge while playing their games until they saw that they could not win, and then they just left TC. The administration, and Quinton also knows who the players are , because they were alerted to the false lies, and NO IT WAS NOT ME EITHER. I was contacted by them with this information. The games are OVER NOW. Say what you want to, it's been exposed for what it really is. I never had to say anything to Quinton, or the Administration, because it was taking place in the forum, and others were in on it also behind the scenes in the INBOXES. I never made any complaints to Quinton at all, but, others did. And they TOLD LIES. And I'm still here to teach because I was asked to by the master teachers-Annunaki 77, and Edisonik. I was going to leave, and they knew this from me in private, because I TOLD THEM, and I decided not to leave TC after they pointed out some things I am thankful to them both for now.

UN.i1-PHI: then stop accusing me, you make yourself look and act like one

stop confusing me with the shills in your head, sure there were shills here on tc i know this too and you even told me i was helping to expose their lies, but ironically and completely unfair, now you think this of me, who knows how many other innocent people you've accused, offended and 'scared' away from this site, only complaint i have is you talking dirty lies like this about me everytime i just want to talk about something else, now your telling me to leave what a joke, now you say this all maybe you should have left before you committed this weird accusive treason to a 'former friend'/ally of yours by spreading disinfo about me and my intentions because of your own conclusion in delusion, i never meant anything bad to you, you always somehow took it that way and made me respond like this explaining myself to you because you said this false stuff about me. so again i ask you; please quit the crap about me

bluesbaby5050: Never TRY to Put Words in to my Mouth!

You are what you are. BYE NOW. Leave me alone SHILL/TROLL. Long over due. You have been exposed. Good Bye.

UN.i1-PHI: i am not whatever you say, think or insinuate i am

why dont u just stop hating on me for nothing/delusion, your not exposing nothing but yourself having paranoid wrong toughts about me, and provokingly posting them around in threads where something else is supposed to be discussed!

bluesbaby5050: The leader ship you rap/talk about............

Shows the thirst for blood, and CONTROL though Bloodshed, and Death. You love guns, and your love for killing, and it is NOT SEXY EITHER,OR COOL. Uni1 does not have a CLUE EITHER, and this is why he sides, and Promotes your RAP-CRAP. PS: People just like this have a lot of pent up hate, and frustrations in side of them, and it is obvious in the sort of materials that they are attracted to, and enjoy listening to. It is very depressing in every way. This is very low in vibrations.

Silenci030310: Crip niggas, Blood nigga, ese

Crip niggas, Blood nigga, ese’s, Asians
Why the fuck we warring with each other’s population?
The devil wanna dead all our population
People in Folk nation, why the separation?
Why we got Jamaicans hatin’ on Haitians
When the British and French raped both nations?
Mexicans and Blacks kill each other, straight hating
While the government profits from prison population
If you on the bottom, be you Anglo or Asian
You gotta recognize the realness of what I’m sayin’
You gotta recognize another G ain’t the enemy
When the police ride to kill us frequently
We gotta make the youth see, where the truth be
If you a G, then grow and develop GD
50 years of gangs and our people still poor
If we really run the streets, we should really end war.

Silenci030310: Been there done that it

Been there done that it stupid lifestyle, I don't regret been away from it over color over a stupid rags street territory fighting for something stupid reminds me of them big gangs like military cartels and etc, not my wars not my business, I will fight or defend myself if threatened or my life is dangers, I enjoy my life how I am now no regrets just lessons an experiences along the way till my time ends.

bluesbaby5050: Thank You Silenci030310...........

For posting your wisdom on this topic. I already knew your personal history with this life-style. Nothing Good comes from it. Your on the right path in life :-)

funkadelic_14: Understand

I am sorry of anyone felt like this post offended you. But i must agree with uniphi. Anyone who has really lived this life style would know there is no way out once you are in. We must not follow the system and we must fight back . We all know nothing changed with peace . Since we can remember cultures had to fight for their rights. This is the big reason religion was made. So we people wouldn't fight back and just believe we should sit and wait for some type of god to come help us. While the elite does they're evil. And anyone who really has lived this life should know we didnt choose this life we had to work with what we had. I was homeless sleeping at parks gangs was my answer selling drugs was my way out. Ive been jumped. Ive been shot twice. I've been locked up. The system doesn't want a felon to ever get back on they're feet. They will do anything to keep the felon going back to jail. And you must understand gang where made in jails/prisons. The government knows this of you go to prison as a normal individual and decide not to join a gang you will not survive. Once you join a gang you are stuck cause once u go to prison you will definitely go back inside. The system makes it impossible for a felon to stay out of jail.

UN.i1-PHI: understand

thanks for sharing all you do so people become aware we must not follow the system but fight back
i understand what you meant that nothing changed with peace,
As JFK told the people clearly with courage in 1962 one year before he was murdered:


tought they(NWO system) would use the violence as an excuse to declare martial law to shoot or detain rebelling people, and this is already happening all the time, the war is on

we need to hold our so called leaders accountable for their crimes, instead of in office,
kick them off the throne and prosecute them for the the horrible tyranic treachery they commit against humanity, whether this will be in an peaceful or violent way, is up to us to decide how to act, but we need to keep it real to the situation, if they won't submit and surrender in peace, it has to happen someway

so just to be clear i do not love or encourage what BB said/insinuate about me being one of those who in her words : "love blood, and wars for blood, and dis-contentment. They just love to create chaos, and destruction where ever they go. We are on to you"

i do not support this warmongering and bloodshed, i am very against this, this is how the NWO system rolls, and make us ppl roll in gangs against eachother's backs while were actually on the same side, NWO vs HUMANITY, this is why i do not support gangs/nations/cultures fighting against eachother, and encourage gangstas to become real leaders who know what to fight for and what not, and more especially who to fight (NWO) and who not (humanity=1 family)
this is also why i stated that police officers are actually also just people who can join and they are the low military force on the streets, and it meanwhile gangs fight eachother and the police but this is only killing eachother while the NWO leaders are safe and use military force as their shield and other gangs as their targets, and as long this continues there is no progress except for the NWO system who profits from people killing eachother and staying down while they playing high up,
so my point is the real enemies are the players in the TYRANT ELITE/ALIEN CONTROL SYSTEM and not our fellow human beings (until they also serve the system and become one(enemy) like the police for example)
we have always been their enemy and target, thats why we have all this misery and bloodshed in the world, because they're the ones creating chaos and wars for us to follow, so we should not follow but help lead humanity in a better way, for a better future

so i'm just saying to focus on the real enemy instead of eachother and fall into their distraction by division

bluesbaby5050: It's good to see that the...........

That the Shill-Uni1 learned a lot while he was with Truth Control. So did TR, and AST and Karoline, and all the other Shills/Trolls that were visiting TC, at one time or another. They all learned plenty as well, and they even admitted it to us while they were here. But, while they were on TC, they just loved to argue, and play the shill/troll game of denial while they were on this forum. Now maybe they all can make a real difference in the UK, and turn the UK's heads around for the better world we humans want to live in. I know that Truth Control DOES make a real difference in many lives when the people that come to this forum read the valuable information that it contains from the many people that have given of their knowledge freely. Truth Control thanks you all for your interest, and for all your support.

UN.i1-PHI: stop lying&talking about me

i am no shill or whatever you think about me so stop trolling about it and dont associate me with all that BS BB! Bye!



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