Nordic Aliens

by Chris on July 14th, 2012
Nordic AliensNordic Aliens

Extra Terrestrial Species: Nordics
Aliases: a.k.a Swedes
Height: 5-7.5 feet
Weight: 120-240 pounds (est.)
Eyes: human
Hair: blonde
Skin: pale white
Sex: both male and female
Origins: Pleiades Hyades Orion Aldebaran Tau Ceti Alpha Centauri.
Communication: telepathic
Distinguishing Features: The Nordics always have blonde hair with light eyes. Most typical shade of eye color is blue, however, reports have also described violet, pink, red, purple and green. Known to be in great physical shape and extremely attractive to humans, they can easily pass for human when seen from a distance. They communicate with telepathy and telekinesis.

They Share common physical features with human beings (especially Scandinavians)
Are taller than the average human Have more of a muscular build than the average human. Although Nordics are humanoid and externally almost identical to humans. There are subtle differences in the Nordic alien physiology, and most of them are based on the living conditions that they have grown up in. Their planets are extremely hot and dry, and have a low oxygen content in the atmosphere. They have a larger lung capacity than humans and have a copper based blood in order to carry oxygen more efficiently. The eyes are protected by inner lids and can allow them to see into the ultraviolet range of the spectrum. They have only 28 teeth, as they lack a back pair of molars. Their heads are longer than humans. The brain case is about .2 mm thicker and the bone is harder. The brain is the same as the human brain as far as structure and size is concerned, except for the midbrain area, where there are functions that allow telepathic and telekinetic skills. It explains the psionic powers of the Nordics. The skin allows moisture to be drawn from the air as well as moisture to penetrate. The heart beats at around 242 beats per minute, and the average blood pressure is 80 systolic and 40 diastolic. They have extremely dilated blood vessels. The heart is located where the human liver would be. The cartilage that would protect a human heart extends down 3.5cm further in the Nordic in order to protect this structure. Blood cells are biconvex in contrast to the concave cells of humans. Kidney type functions only allow about half the liquid consumed to be excreted. The rest is evidently put back into the system. Urine is thick with minerals and appears in color and texture to freshly pumped crude oil. Feces are dry pellets with all moisture removed. The adult Nordic can regulate the amount of adrenaline in their body. They have no pineal gland. Nordic females are capable of being impregnated at any time, but the males are capable of impregnation about once a year. The period of incubation is three to five months. The Nordic Agenda

Nordics are silent watchers of Earth, and their purpose is to enlighten by providing spiritual revelation and warn humans about behaviors that could potentially lead to catastrophe including issues surrounding actions by the Gray aliens and Reptilians.

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bluesbaby5050: Hey Chris--------!

Thanks for thhis information! I found this to be rather interesting! Dry pellets? Ouch! Hahahahahehehe! Hummm...........*

Chris: hey everyone check out my post about Nordic aliens and how there

internal Nordic Alien physiology is diferent from but can pass as a human being on earth.

bluesbaby5050: I Did Chris------

Their urine is thick like CRUDE OIL JUST PUMPED! Their blood is mostly copper,like ours used to be eons ago! They excret dry pellets when moving their bowels!They keep most of the fluids that they drink in their bodies,un-like us. Their heart is located where our liver is! They have large lungs,and they are much bigger then ours! Their skull bones are thicker,and bigger then ours. There are many more differences, but these are some that stand out the most from ours. The females can get pregnant any time,but the males can only re-produce 5 months out of the year! They have NO PINEAL GLAND LIKE WE DO,as it is NOT NEEDED,because they Already have Developed Abilities that we are Trying to develope now. Good work Chris!

Crackdown: Where is the pineal gland of nordic aliens?

"The brain is the same as the human brain as far as structure and size is concerned, except for the midbrain area, where there are functions that allow telepathic and telekinetic skills"
"They have no pineal gland"
From this text, it seems that small pineal gland has been expanded to middle brain part, as the natural result of evolution. Perhaps not as large as hemisphere, though

bluesbaby5050: It is stated that ..........

The Nordics have NO PINEAL GLAND, AS WE HUMANS DO. This is not needed it said, because they are already advanced in their Physic abilities, and we have one, because we are trying to advance in our physic levels, and so we have this gland in our brains so that we will be able to do this.

Tim Lovell: well the pleidians have

well the pleidians have different internal structures a bit yes their lungs are larger as there is slightly less oxygen on erra , also they only eat a type of white protein bar that provides all nutrition and excrete a white floss only so no fecal matter as we have on earth also they absorb all water they drink as their bodies are more efficient.

jayp213: !!!

i actually had a dream a few nights ago with a being that looked exactly like this. I have been searching all over the net for similar pictures or reasons why i would have this dream and maybe i have been visited in my dream by this particular ET race?

bluesbaby5050: I would be very careful who you think this person .......

Might be. Some of the Nordics are known to share in the same interests as the NAZIS, like the et group, the alderberan. And you should study up on the material covered on ET'S here, because it's pretty extensive, and with pictures provided on most of them too. And not all blonds are Nordics. As an example, the Secret Black Ops (the US secret black budget operations) that have military men, and woman active in their secret space programs that visit, and take part in human abductions for sinister space projects on Mars and on the Moon. Some human woman are even abducted for the use for the militaries sexual orgies that take place in secret locations on spaceships and off world. The sex trade runs rampant.

Terra Tea: maybe

Do you have similiar characteristics? Some groups choose to visit humans that have the same genetic dna. They look after their own, so to speak.

Im not an expert on the Nordics in particular...but im sure some on this forum are.

Are they communicating to you clearly in your dreams? Or delivering a message?

Tim Lovell: OK 1 sec here not ALL Nordic

OK 1 sec here not ALL Nordic type ETs are like the Nazis, the only group that was is from Aldebaran , the majority are good , for example the pleidians from Erra , and the Lyrians(tho they are very strict as they consider themselves extentions from prime creator) , as I say always the `ET` race we will meet first is going to be the lyran colonists from Erra the present day pliedians as they have most in common with humans from earth forget lables like `Nordics` or whatever ...

bluesbaby5050: Thanks Tim...........

I knew that would spark you into this topic, because you already have experience along with some of us. Thanks for adding this information. I already knew this, but I left it out on purpose! ;-)

ethornhill2: link

Adolf Hitler found this to be the perfect race. White, blonde hair blue eyes.

Tim Lovell: funny huh , the pliedians are

funny huh , the pliedians are the most non violent race they make us earth humans look like psychopathic violent apes, it makes them the `aliens` the `ETs` more human than us , strange isn't it when they look down upon us and wonder why we are so violent and hate and kill each other , they think this, ... you think we are the aliens and you are the real aliens who hate and kill your brothers and sisters , ... who is the real ALIEN....?

cosmicstorm: Everyone is the real alien!

*dramatic music* dun dun dun!!!

HebrianDaniel: what about hebrew aliens?

what about hebrew aliens?

Tim Lovell: do you donate a religious

do you donate a religious identity to others from yourself.....


HebrianDaniel: i am descendent of the

i am descendent of the hebrews people
but i dont bealve in god i am atheist but its not metter that i am part of an ancient civilizations
the very first hebrews was also in mesopotamia so i wont be suprised if i have Sumerian heritage in my DNA

Pleiadian: Our faecal matter as Pleiadians

I have seen this misleading info plagiarised (copied & pasted) time and time again from one site to another. Sorry, it is physically impossible to have totally dry excrement without any degree of moisture whatever. I don't care if one is human, Reptilian, Grey, Blue, or one of us, Pleiadian (Nordic). it violates the basic Laws of Physics which permeates the universe as a whole (even parallel universes).

Though our stools are generally more well formed and 'harder' than perhaps on average there in earth, I have seen your Bristol Stool Chart and I would say that our average is between one and two (perhaps even three). However, it must be said that as we are humanoids (thus with mammalian features, as our bodies have this defence mechanism such as earthly humans, that prevents toxins to destroy such, we do have what you call 'diarrhoea' as well. I do not have any idea who plastered all over your web some of this falsified data in regard to our excretions, but it is not possible, whether from Erra or Earth. Further as we do indeed have darker urine in general, to go so far as to say that we maturate (piss out) fresh crude oil is really ridiculous. As indeed we do have more minerals it does make our urine generally darker than humans on earth -- but within reasonable limits! Our copper mineral content is of a very small percent though a bit higher than earthly humans. It is true that our lung capacity is larger as our atmosphere has not as much percentage as earth's of oxygen and thus makes it necessary to have evolved with larger lungs. We do also have that blood pressure averaging 80/40 this is also true.

Chris: pleadians ashtar and galaxtic commind nordics.

So you are a Nordic incarnate what do you know of the pleadians involment with the genocide sweep across galaxies with other Nordic races in this universe and another race of Nordic from a different universe wiping out millions of different species and places the souls on this prison planet.

Chris: ashtar nordic commander

And what do you know of ashatar and his forces on earth. He was a Nordic commander that served the archon demiurgec and wiped out many species across the galaxies during his great galactic war width was recent.

Corviunram: Please contact me chris :)

I need to talk to someone who specialises in nordic aliens. Tried messaging you but can't. Need some questions answered if that's okay? :)

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