norad satellites avoid hollow earth entrance - EPIC PICTURE

norad satellites avoid hollow earth entrance - EPIC PICTURE

this picture is fucking class!

For more pictures go to :

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Tarheel: They dont want us to know what we already know !

Can you say BUSTED ? We already know NORAD, so STOP IT with the happy horsescheit.
Pssssst-Yo, NORAD......we are awake !

bluesbaby5050: Comercial air flights are Not allowed to ....

Fly over or near the intrance, to the opening leading into the Hollow Earth, as this is where the Northern Lights originate from. All this planets waters flow in, and out of this inner Earth realm. All Sea animals,and birds of all kinds go in,and out also. Admiral Bird wrote a book of his adventures inside the Hollow Earth during the 2WW. He was in the USAF. I wrote an artical on this topic,a while back,and it can be found on this TC site. Also, the ancient city of Agartha is located there.They are our cousins!

Tarheel: I already know-where Enki lays his hat is his home.

And, when you come calling, he takes in the "Welcome" mat and puts up the "Closed" sign.
It will remain that way until you call him "Master", which will be sooner than you think.

Terran resistance: obvious satanist is obvious

maybe you should get out of your crack filled masonic lodge once in a while get some fresh air

Tarheel: Same old Terran. Thinks offending people gains him prominence.

Terran is Mr Big Man behind his PC but actually a little pussy when someone PROVES him wrong. I'm no Mason, but I know what goes on at lower levels. You havent a clue about FreeMasonry or LIFE.
Hey, why dont you go find some more awesome/incredible symbols to get all involved in and misinterpret? Then, Go amaze someone else, somewhere else.

Ecbra de Oaoj: relax Tarheel

is sharp that you isnt a satanist; or a cracker. or anti semite. sharp that you love Humanity;

I apoloziged with Terra Resistance because I was... rude. with "they". I admire english people, their culture when bring bridges, good humor, when says trues like Shakespeare, as Newton in this language. I would not be happy if their people submerge.

but... ei TR... Edisonik have reason when say that you cannot change?

I'm hoping that you can. if someones are at war we (are you human too?, I presume) need not be enemies.



Tarheel: THE South American sensation-ECBRA ! Thanks !

I know people here know me and my morals, and the mental midget Terran weak Resistance brings checkers to a chess match. He never has a dog in any fight w/ me.

Thank You, Ecbra. You are a true friend.

Terran resistance: if you dont like what I have to say then

dont come on my pictures you luciferian twat

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