Nickelodeon symbolism

Nickelodeon symbolism

seen this symbol so many times thought it was time to interpret what it means.

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freedmftr88: What year was that image from ?

I wonder if this had any relation to why Nickelodeon changed in the 2000s because if you remember the animated shows at the time ( Ren & Stimpy , Rocko's Modern Life , Invader Zim , etc ) it was a very rebellious time in terms of animation that it was influencing the whole entire animation industry at the time. Not only the animation quality ( which was animated in Korea mostly by Rough Draft Studios most of the time ) but also how libertarian / liberal it was. There was always political or some sort of adult gag snuck in all the time which had been a tradition as far back as The Golden age of Animation but much more suttle. Before the shows time , any similarity would be in the likes of The Simpsons , Mad Magazine and Underground Comix ( Robert Crumb , Harvey Pekar , Love & Rockets , Tank Girl , etc ) .

So in theory connecting this image , is a signal to executives of not only Viacom but the industry to not allow the lefties to work within the media system to change minds , especially children in terms of challenging authority and establishment.

Could this explain all the franchise purchases, monopoly of the now 5 conglomerates that control pretty much ALL the media ?

Again the 1990s in terms of pop culture was quite left wing in my opinion and similar to the 1960s but not as strong politically. It's like the 1960s can go from liberal , socialist , any form of left wing . However the 1990s was very much libertarian ( meaning American libertarian / right wing libertarian ) .

The 1960s and 1990s are very similar in terms of pop culture. A lot of people call the media what we see today as "Liberal Media" , and "Fake News" in Trump's terms. If anything , I would say centrist left ( democrat )

I don't know if there's any connection of the degree of politics in pop culture. But it really does seem like the belief of " Never talk about politics and religion so you don't cause problems " became common amongst the majority.

Again , I don't know if there's any connection but if there is , it would totally make since. Plus I grew up in the 1990s and I'm a pop culture nerd so of course I had to comment. lol

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