Mysterious Sumerian symbol explained

Mysterious Sumerian symbol explained

Mysterious Sumerian symbol explained.

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bluesbaby5050: Welcome Back TR!

It's great to have you here again :)

Terran resistance: thanks

i was busy writting a book and doing my website but got bored so im back again

bluesbaby5050: Well your always welcome TR.............

By the way........... What is your book about? Glad to hear your doing fine now. Some of us were worried about you.

Terran resistance: its about

its about ancient nuclear warfare
no im fine now but I did go through a rough patch.

bluesbaby5050: Yes, Some of us here do understand.......

Why, and what happened to you. I am so glad that your safe, and doing well, and that you are writing a book too. Have you been traveling much, as you said you would be doing ?

Quinton: Welcome back man :) Is there

Welcome back man :) Is there a way to read any of your book?

Terran resistance: its still very early days

but i was thinking of making a free pdf version of it.

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