My shapeshifting eyes

My shapeshifting eyes

Occasionally my eyes morph into cat/reptilian eyes for a split second. I'm not aware of when it's happening.

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Chris: yeah

seems a little strange you look very beatiful though i would be interested to hear more about your experience.

bluesbaby5050: My Shapeshifting Eyes

Hello, Do you know what your blood type is? If so.....would you please share your blood type with us? Do you have other family members that have shape shifting eyes too ? And how do they explain this to you and others? This is very interesting as Chris said. Thank you.

AishwaryaIsabella: Thank you

Thank you everyone :) feel free to ask me about my experiences. Almost instantly after this pic was posted my account got banned for a month. I'm not sure if it is safe for me to disclose everything, but I am unaware of my blood type and I am the only one in my family to experience this phenomena. Thank you also :)

Chris: what ets

have you seen and what types of experiences have you had and do you know why your eyes shift to vertical.

Euphoricdrifter: Shapeshifting Eyes

Wait so! You got banned from this website or Facebook for writing that thread? That's so indignant of them!

Do you feel it's an extra Terrestrial trait? Did you know on this planet that Reptilians like lizards shape shift there eyes too? Do you wear contacts? Do they ever pupil out to black in refraction to light? I'm curious!

AishwaryaIsabella: @ Euphoricdrifter

Hello :)

I was banned on this website after posting this for a week or so for reasons unknown, the admins here seem really nice so I don't think it's their fault :P I do think it is an extraterrestrial trait, a few mediums have told me I am hybrid and I feel a strong connection to ETs and space, and intense homesickness every day.

I don't identify with reptilians but I guess it's possible I have some of their DNA. I don't wear contacts as my eyes are very sensitive, but yes my pupils are very large most of the time :)

Thank you for your comment, have a good day. :)

@Bluesbaby Thank you it's appreciated :) The chat is working for me now ^-^

AishwaryaIsabella: A few I remember are green

A few I remember are green and grey humanoids with large black eyes, beings with triangle heads, and metallic blue humanoids with no faces. Most of the experiences I remember were not unpleasant, in fact I miss them, but I was completely unaware of my contact experience as a child until last November. I don't know why it happens, but I feel them changing a lot when I'm drawing or painting.

I received your message Chris, for some reason this website won't let me speak on the chat lol

Chris: wow

so where do you live in the united states also what exactly did these beings do to you when you saw them.

AishwaryaIsabella: .

Also, do you know how delete posts on here, or disable your account? I don't think it's safe for me to keep this on here for too long.

AishwaryaIsabella: @Chris

I live in quite a rural village on the coast of north-east England. Some of us suspect there are military bases round here because military planes fly above us daily.

I still don't remember much, but I remember clearly lying on a metallic bed/table and seeing purple lights in the shape of a horse shoe. I also remember being shown a neon blue quantum-dynamic substance in a large vat and moving it around with my mind. :)

Chris: hey nice experience

i was wondering do you have a facebook or email i contact you to here more of your story i have had some experience with ets i am 24 year old i have seen orbs of ets when i was 14 in 2008 and when i was younger i would see strange looking beings and things happening even right know i have dreams of seeing strange stuff and beings i feel there ets.

AishwaryaIsabella: .

I have other experience stories, but I don't know if it is completely safe for me to disclose on here.

Logical Chaos: very interesting

Do u feel paranoid about posting?

I hope u used a fake name for your screen name. Sounds like u may be an experiment of the government perhaps? I wonder who banned u before....

AishwaryaIsabella: @ Logical Chaos

Hello, yes, my screen name is fake although Isabella is my first name :p I still don't know for certain, but a few mediums have told me I am an ET hybrid. Sounds very far fetched, but it could explain the eyes, abduction memories and intense homesickness.

I wonder too, this website does not let me talk over chat or reply to direct messages sadly. Thanks for your comment, have a good day

bluesbaby5050: Safe to Post?

In reply to it being safe to post on this site. ....Yes it is safe to post your experiences as we all have and we are still here. Our chat wasn't working for a while but Quinton fixed it as soon as I told him we were having problems trying to chat on it. And myself included. So feel free to chat openly if you choose to.

Blueghostdev: cool eyes

cool eyes

Chris: hi

hey isabella how have you been is there any we can chat about stuff if your free,

bluesbaby5050: About your eyes.....

Please come back here more often. Listen, most of our members on here, including myself have had many ET experiences, along with abductions throughout our lifes. I have had many paranormal experiences, and NDE more then once in this life, and I've posted most of my own experiences on this site. I've had many different reactions on here, and almost all of them were positive, and those that were negative were from ignorant people, but that never stopped me from sharing them on here. Our administration would not ban any of your comments here, and this is a fact. I wasn't always a moderator on here either, I was chosen without my knowledge. Chris is truth worthy, and I can vouch for him. He has been with us for many years too. I hope this information will help you.

Tarheel: Aishwaryisabella in the house

Long time,no see.
Good to see you out and about, pal.

Tarheel: but...

She does have pretty eyes.

Logical Chaos: Research

I just heard recently from Ancient Aliens tv show that an organization called International Center for Abduction Research aka ICAR found in their research of abductees that there was a higher-than-average number of people who claimed to be abducted that had green or hazel colored eyes.

This is interesting as Isabella has the same green colored eyes as well when her eyes "shapeshifts".

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