My dream picture of our Master teacher, Lord Annunaki 77.

My dream picture of our Master teacher, Lord Annunaki 77.

This is how our master teacher Annu 77 appeared to me in a recent dream I had. His muzzle of his mouth showed more in my dream. I could see his whiskers, and his black nose, and his mouth. No teeth. He was growing, and I could hear howling in the background. He was so huge,and awesomely Handsome to behold! This picture just reminded me of my dream. I thought I would share this hear with all of you. The Falcon Goddess of The Feather.

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bluesbaby5050: His eyes----

Annu 77's eyes were big and brown. Not the color shown here.

HebrianDaniel: well im not sure you met him

well im not sure you met him in real life so you cant really know
is that so?

bluesbaby5050: To H/D---

I said it was a dream. I did not meet him in person! I even said this! They CAN REALLY COME YOU YOU WHEN YOUR IN THE DREAM STATE,AS YOUR ALREADY IN ANOTHER DIMENTION. He SAID he Would meet me. Annu 77 WOULD NOT LIE! The Falcon.

HebrianDaniel: i will tell you something i

i will tell you something i had dream that i saw someone came from dark corrider area and his eyes red as hell his body cold as polar when he came to me a mysterious dagger came on my hand the dagger was in black color and crystalic i called it Onyx dagger however someone gave me this dagger and the dagger controlled my hand and made me kill him i felt his heart and its crashing what its felt so real and this guy i killed is someone in my school
after i told him my dream he told me he was the same dream but in other sight
we had Crossed Dreams he explains there is world with billions of doors and accidently he said he appeared on my door he said he saw me and with strange aura he said im not alone i was protected by guardian and he said the guardian gave me the dagger to kill him and then after he died i left this area with the guardian and he said there came group of strange people that send him back to wake up.
strange dream no?

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