Monopoly Money With The Federal Reserve

by Quinton on December 20th, 2010
Monopoly Money With The Federal Reserve
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edisonik: Your hilarious Quinton

The more they Print , the Less the Paper will be worth because it is backed by nothing.
America is becoming Zimbabwe, if the people aren't transfering their wealth into Gold or Silver they will have no wealth. The Currency of the Reptiles is Gold and Silver, a picture is Worth a Thousand Words Quinton.
Impressive, they must really love you right now for exposing them, but they love me even more because I am exposing them also.
Awsome Website!.
Glorious Website!.

jilian: Federal Reserve

Transparency has been the watchword with the Fed since TARP and the bank bailout, and according to the Associated press, the national bank recently released a record detailing which banks took money, and how much. According to the Mississippi-based newspaper The Dispatch, three banks in that state received millions of dollars in Federal Reserve short term installment loans in order to keep stability.

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