mh17 flying route crash golden ratio phi

mh17 flying route crash golden ratio phi

i found out that the flying route itself and the crash spot aswell in this picture are coinciding in golden ratios of phi... 1.618~...

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obsrvantlouie: Interesting...

Can you breakdown your mathematics for easier understanding?

UN.i1-PHI: sure

actually here you only have to know that there are golden ratios involved, not exactly what it is but i'll shortly describe the golden ratio and then i'll explain how the distances/lengths/lines coincide with golden ratios and aspects of this picture like the crash site and the two cities with the airports, i'll not explain every line cause every other line is just another (negative) power of phi(=1,618~...) except for the black one wich is the adjacent of two smaller golden ratios sections
phi^0=1 (red line)
phi^-1=0.618~ (blue line)
phi^-2=0.382~ (yellow line)
phi^-3=0.236~ (pink line)
phi^-4=0.146~ (cyan line)

the golden ratio or the golden section is a special ratio that has a special property: 1/x=1-x wich gives x=1.618~ or x=-0.618~ so the golden ratio is mostly defined by the notion 1 : 1.618, wich means determine some length of something you want to base it on and define it as 1, and the other part is 1.618 times bigger, like here i did that to the vertical difference of height between the two cities with the airports, i measured it was 170 pixels and i define it as a constant to multiply with so it is on scale with the picture, but having the rest to be scaled too it just treats it as 1, so the difference in height of the two cities, wich is marked with a red line, is one unit (wich happen to be 170 pixels in this picture),
so by definition if i'm there at amsterdam and go down vertical by 1 unit (red line) i'll end up in the same (height/) vertical coordinate as kuala lumpur, to go to kuala lumpur from there i'll have to go the horizontal difference of the two cities further ofc, but the special thing is that it happens to be roughly 1.618 times the vertical difference, so the flying route itself on this map/picture is in the golden ratio already!
but lets say we didnt go immediately 1.618 times the unit horizontally to kuala lumpur but are still there 1 unit down amsterdam and go 0.618 times the unit (marked in blue) in the direction of kuala lumpur, wich is another golden ratio and happens to coincide with the horizontal coordinate of the mh17 crash! from there it's still 1 unit to the right to kuala lumpur as you see another red line fits in the horzontal difference between the two cities after the blue line, as you see we went 1.618 times the unit but in two parts, the blue smaller part wich is 0.618 times the unit , and the red larger part wich is 1 times the unit

the special property of the golden ratio implies that if you define the smaller section (let's call it A) as 1, the larger section B is 1.618 times bigger, but if you define B as 1, A is 0.618 times bigger while the whole is 1.618 times larger than B
like this

for some short illustration introducing the golden ratio you can watch this video
Nature by Numbers

so from amsterdam going the blue line to the right and the cyan line to the bottom (wich are powers -1, and -4 of phi) ends up in the crash spot! showing how the crash spot is related by golden ratios to the flying route itself both in the vertical and horizontal aspect

also notice that if would i go by the yellow line wich is 0.382 unit,(power -2 of phi) down and 1 unit right (red line), it ends up on a point of the flying route aswell, showing another way the golden ratio is involved in the flying route

tough the ratio appears mystically and abundantly in nature
it is also artificially used/embedded for its optimalistic and esthetic functions in the design of artificially made things

now for the flying route aswell as the crash-site to be co-incidentally in the golden ratio is like going against all odds and shows how well orchestrated/designed/organized this downing or whatever happened with this mh17 ariplane wich could be exactly the same mh370 plane that supposedly was missing and 'they' supposedly were searching, and 'recycled' the false flag airoplane 'attack'/highjack

UN.i1-PHI: rest in peace my homie quinn

he was a good friend of mine and many others, we used to be in the same class in school before he was a really good and funny guy, he went a week later on vacation than his family and supposedly took the mh17 plane along with the rest who were destined to take that targeted plane, now he's most probably a dead man, who knows what really happened to these victims of yet another false flag orchestrated by the so called powers that be staging false flag attacks to drown us into slavery by playing with the feelings of humanity to accept whatever they're wanting to do in the name of solving it and protecting/preventing us from the terrible things they're actually resposible for behind the scenes so they can play their act and role in their theatre show infront of the scenes trough the media misinformating by propaganda and manipulating peoples toughts and behaviour to suit the NWO and the globalization and installation of it so they see it as 'the one solution' to all the problems but what they don't want us to know is that all these problems in the major/media were part of creating this order out of the chaos of seemingly unrelated events of terroristical attacks etc wich the shadow governments are definitely responsible for staging up and setting the media up to lie and cover it up for the world to be mis-led and up-set (=set-up!)

Tim Lovell: and isn't it strange that the

and isn't it strange that the plane they choose to shoot down is another Malaysian airlines jet , it cant be coincidence , more proof of the manipulation, and I wathed news today another plane down I mean it just never stops ...

Tim Lovell: Uni I am sorry for your loss

Uni I am sorry for your loss , I hope he did not get on that doomed flight

UN.i1-PHI: The Good Die Young

Tupac Feat. Outlaws - The Good Die Young

these are hard times we're living in,
churches burning..
planes falling from the sky,
the good die young...
the good definitely die young!..
this is just a lil something to help ya get trough the day...
if it could...
it was, more than a tragedy,
emotions be grabbing me,
plane fell from the sky,
tryina figure what's happening...


check out how USA has it's 'evidence' based on (fake propaganda) videos from social media sources to blame it on russia and how they talk shit around it when being confronted, pitty that guy didnt also say those added things written in the video (about the vids used as evidence being fake and pre-planned), but he made clear they're just 'picking what suits them' regardless of it being fake and that they themselves are the ones being behind this set-up cover-up co-conspiracy

se dem bitches!?
see dat bitch!?
she just one of dem!

UN.i1-PHI: Flight MH17 False Flag Conspiracy FULLY EXPOSED! Complete Compi

Flight MH17 False Flag Conspiracy FULLY EXPOSED! Complete Compilation Of ALL The Evidence! - BUSTED!

please check this one out if interested, it's worth it

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