The meaning behind the mystery artifact called Omphalos

The meaning behind the mystery artifact called Omphalos

I find mythology very fascinating. The omphalos was a stone which was possessed by the greek titan god chronos aswell.

The eagles that zeus sends to the navel of the earth is alot like the sumerian tablets where eagle men are plucking from the tree of life (which is basically the same as the flower of life).

see this:

Also the pine cone that the eagle men are holding in the sumerian tablets is alot like the omphalos aswell.

see this:

The eagle men are associated with John the Evangelist from the bible who declares himself as the one calling in the desert aswell.

Also there might be a relation between the word Omphalos and the sacred word OM in hinduism,
The name omkara is taken as a name of God by the Hindu revivalist Arya Samaj and can be translated as "I Am Existence". The word OM is said at the begining and end of a mantra.

The word "I Am" also has associations with Barnabas and Paul from the bible aswell in lower level freemasonary, seeing as the beginning and end are parables for these two individuals also known as the alpha and omega from the bible aswell.

For the rest of my pictures, see this:

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