The masonic trinity in movie posters

The masonic trinity in movie posters

Notice anything about these movie posters?

all of them have people on the front posing as two men and one woman.
This is based on the masonic idea of the trinity

top left poster is from the movie poster lawless, while the second one on the right is from the movie poster Sahara, while the bottom one is from the moive poster Pirates of the caribbean dead mans chest.

In all the posters you have to the left or right a man which represents the sun god symbol on masonic artwork which represents John the baptist, while in the middle you have a man which represents the all seeing eye on masonic artwork, usually with half of their face shrouded in darkness like in the Sahara poster and the dead mans chest poster, as a metaphor for a lost eye, this represents the apostle Paul.

Also on the movie poster lawless you have different charteristics of these gods above their heads, such as brothers which is a reference to paul and barnabas in freemasonary who are a duality gods in freemasonry.

Also the john the baptist always seems to be holding a gun, again this gives us a clue to what most freemasons think of John the baptist, so he not thought of very highly in freemasonary.

Then finally you have the woman who represents the moon symbol in masonic artwork which represents the virgin mary (or holy spirit which is the same thing).

Now compare this to some masonic artwork:

the seven stars around the moon I dont believe are represented in the posters

in higher level freemasonary the sun represents the dog star system, (thats why vicars wear dog collars and why they preach dogma) the all seeing eye represents orion (which I think represents the lambda orionis nebula, 100% sure its orion though), while the moon is also associated with orion. (triple moon goddess, three marys in the bible, all have a numerical value of three which represents orions belt which has three stars) Though in reality the moon symbol is just the moon, I wonder why that is wink wink.

For the rest of my pictures go to:

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