Masonic charities

Masonic charities

If anyone wants to know what a charity represents just ask.

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Terran resistance: know which charities to give to - masonic!

know which masonic charities to give to folks.

Terran resistance: For example

also the salvation army red shield (or slavation army more like)
rothschild means red shield does it not?

red shield means the red of the moon, which represents the virgin mary, mary, and salome.

Tarheel: Everybody needs to know that TR uses symbology triggers... trigger negativity. Yes, there are negative triggers in TR's symbolism. That's why he always posts his re-interpretations and claims new revelations for the same symbols.

Look at them if you want to, but if you aren't aware of TR's agenda, you will be manipulated.

TR, you've been busted ! Actually, a while back by me, but I've been waiting to unveil your agenda. Sorry PAL, I'm aware. Now everyone else is too.

Terran resistance: @tarheel

im just trying to enlighten people on the facts about charities, its money we are handing over and its money which unfortunately which governs the fates of many these days. SO I conclude its very important we know which charities are genuine and which are not. Charities run by satanists should be subdued while others should succeed.

where is the negativity? I see none, only facts.

Tarheel: One thing you exemplify for sure.....

Facts? You re-interpret every post you make and you tell us "your interpretation has changed".
The negativity you employ is subliminal. I'm more than aware of your agenda. I do see you've gotten new avatars you brought along to prop you up. Dude...they are too obvious. Tell me, what charities you have promoted, because I'm not sure what you mean. Keep it clean or suffer the consequences.

You exemplify- "Just because you have all the information does NOT mean you have any of The Answers." Never has anything been so true as your posts.

Tell Zamfir a.k.a. Zendar, that he's just too daft to try a new avatar on me. Oh, I found him on youtube...this is from me to Zamfir.

Here, put this with your life size Paul Young cut out.
Zendar on the pan flute...

If you EVER deface Paul McCartney or Bono again, you will push daisies. The very nerve of you dissing a Beatle or anyone from U2. You're a marked man.


obsrvantlouie: WHAT SAY YOU?

What do you have to say to TR's response Tarheel? I'm new here but I am finding our fairly quickly who the trolls are...

obsrvantlouie: It appears...

that Tarheel has good taste in music.

Tarheel: Actually YES, I do, OL...

...but when UK shills who've been forgiven 9 times try for a 10th, IT AINT HAPPENIN. TR spit on his friends one too many times after one of his patented melt-downs. See archives!

Welcome aboard, with your new avatar. Hope you're kind. I am unless provoked, then bad Tar comes out. I try my damnedest to leave him at home, know, the Alpha Male part shines through like any good AM's does.

Peace/Free Will/Synchronicity

bluesbaby5050: The Alpha Male should not Dominate in any situtation..........

We have had too many wars because of the Dominating Alpha Males on this planet down thoughout Earth's history. The weaker female body ,and her points of view has always been pushed into the background, or the female side has always been denied altogether in almost EVERYTHING!( Except sex,and in SOME CASES NOT!) Just have a Good Look Around NOW for an Example. The balancing of the Female, and the Male mindset has to take place on this planet right now.The Balancing out of the polarities need to become balanced, and come together IF humanity is to reach the higher dimentions of light. It is not His Way, OR No Way anymore. Men need to allow the female side of them selves to express itself in order to achieve a healthy balance in the near future. PS: Alpha males are not stronger, just alot more agressive, and pushy. This is just my own opinion.

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