masonic artwork

masonic artwork

Masonic Artwork

freemasons believe in transcendent gods through time, so for example the all seeing eye is believed to be the apostle paul but in terms of ancient egyptian mythology it would the eye of ra, or in ancient irish mythology it would be known as the eye of Balor etc.

But to keep things simple I have done it in terms of christianity and the apostles which are believed to be gods to the freemasons, hence why their beliefs are so controversial and why they are so secrative about their beliefs unless they wanted to be slaughtered by angry religious people.

Many of the symbols in freemasoanry are actually taken from the sumerian tablets like the seven pointed star hence why the organisation looks so much older than it actually is. Though there have been many forerunners to freemasonary.

In lower level masonic interpretation the sun symbol represents the apostle John the Baptist (and John the evangelist and James the son of thunder, also known as the three wise men in freemasonary to a lesser extent). In higher level masonic interpretation the sun is the Dog star Sirius which is the brightest star in the night sky.

In lower level freemasonary the moon represents the virgin mary (and the other two marys from the bible to a lesser extent aswell), in terms of wiccan beliefs the moon represents the triple moon goddess of wiccan beliefs. In higher level freemasonary the moon is associated with orion's belt because hence why there are usually three goddesses representing the moon because theres three main stars in Orion's belt.

In lower level freemasonary the 7 stars represents the apostle Peter or the heavenly father from the bible. In terms of higher level freemasonary the 7 stars represent the 7 stars of the Pleiades cluster.

In lower level freemasonary the shooting star represents "wormwood" from the bible, but im not exactly sure what apostle it reprsents yet, or even if it does. In higher level freemasonary the shooting star actually represents the barnards star which leaves a red streak in the sky which could be seen by the ancients sometimes in the constellation of Orion.

In terms of lower level freemasoanry the 7 pointed star represenst the lamb which speaks like a dragon from the book of revelation or perhaps even lucifer the sun of the morningf rom the old testament. In higher level freemasonary the 7 pointed star represents the hollow earth hence why they are seen in so many crop circles. More specifically pleiadians in the hollow earth I believe.

The all seeing eye represents the apostle paul in lower level freemasonary. In higher level freemasonary the all seeing eye represents orion, though It think it might be to do with the lambda orionis nebula in orion. Defo not lyra or draconis, I have tried those theories extensively. Contactee Alex collier states theres a star system called cyclopsis (syclopseuse) in Orion which could be it, who knows.

All the other symbols represent masonic organisations like
Skull and bones the brotherhood of death represented by a coffin with a skull and bones on it.
and so on.

The black and white checkered floor represents the floor of King Solomon's temple.

Theres thin line between religion and reality.
Each of these symbols represent gods aswell as star systems to freemasons.
Though in order to keep the cogs moving they use religious manipulation.
Extraterrestrials come from each of these star systems I believe.
I swear on my life if you learn what each individual "god" symbol on the sumerian tablets means then religion and mythology is so much more easily understood.

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