Masonic art with lower and higher interpretations

Masonic art with lower and higher interpretations

First off lower level masonic interpretation

Seeing as alot of freemasons are actually saintanists and believe in transcendent gods through time, they believe that there are a great many gods (including in the bible) hence why they are sworn to complete and utter secrecy in order that no one learns of their controversial beliefs (especially surrounding the bible).

by the way the spelling of saintanists is accurate. I used to have a friend who was a freemason and a satanist so im not completely talking out of my arse, though I admit that I dont understand every single inside and out of freemasonary.

The fact that they believe in transcendent gods through time means that nearly all people from any religion around the world can become a freemason for example if you are a freemason and a christian you would belief that the moon symbol represents the virgin mary/holy spirit but if you are say a wiccan you might believe that the moon represents the triple moon goddess (three marys from the bible, and yes there are three marys!)

long story short freemasonary is a combination of all religions put together old and new, and they use symbols as their language, which are loosely based on the sumerian tablets making the organisation look alot older than it actually is, though I suspect their were many predecessors before it became a blight upon the earth. They are also closet polytheists.

In terms of christianity that everyone can relate to.

SO the moon represents the virgin mary, or to be more accurate the three marys from the bible. Mary Magdalene,
Mary Mother of James,
and Salome.

While the 7 stars represents the apostle peter.

The sun represents the apostles:
John the baptist.
john the evangelist.
james the son of thunder.

The Pentacle represents the apostle Barnabas.

In terms of higher level freemasonary which the lower level freemasons are kept oblivious to in order to keep the cogs working in the masonic pyramid so to speak, all the symbols represent different star systems.

The moon represents the moon, or sometimes orions belt which is seen in some masonic logos along side the moon hence why there are three goddesses (three marys, three stars in orions belt).

The sun represents the dog star system aka sirius A, B and C.

The 7 stars represent the 7 stars in the night sky which are the Pleiades.

The Pentacle represents the hyades cluster or to be more precise some where below aswell... cough!

as for the masonic organisations which all the other symbols represent I couldnt care less quite frankly at the minute.


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