masonic art with constellations, truly beautiful

masonic art with constellations, truly beautiful

Masonic art about constellations, hope you enjoy!

>To lower level freemasons they are gods but to the higher level freemasons
they are star systems and constellations.

>Freemasons believe in transcendent gods through time, for example they believe that the apostle Paul is the all seeing eye in freemasonary but in terms of ancient egyptian mythology it would be known as the eye of ra, or in terms of Irish mythology it would be known as the eye of Balor etc.

>So anyone who believes in any god can join, but lower level freemasons are all closet polytheists. freemasons dont believe in the trinity, in fact they believe in more gods than there are in the actual trinity in the bible.

>The sword," the word of god", the "lord" is the apostle Paul in lower level freemasonary hence why he is seen with a sword:
While the heart represents the apostle Barnabas, lots of references to a pieced heart in freemasonary are actually to these two deities. They are also called the alpha and omega in the bible aswell, as a sort of duality god.
In higher level freemasonary the sword and heart actually represent Orion and the Hyades cluster in that order but also the underworld if you get my drift, see this:

>In lower level freemasonary the sun represents the apostle John the baptist (and/or John the Evangelist and James the son of thunder as the real three wise men in freemasonary. In higher level freemasonary the sun represents the dog star system, hence why christians practice dogma and vicars wear dog collars because John the baptist is believed to be a version of Jesus Christ.

>The shooting star symbol is the star "wormwood" from the bible but im not one hundred percent certain exactly what apostle it represents or even if it does. In higher level freemasonary the shooting star symbol represents the 'runaway' star, the barnards star in the constellation of Orion.

>The 7 stars in lower level freemasonary represents the apostle Peter, In higher level freemasonary the 7 stars around the moon represent the 7 stars of the Pleiades cluster in the constellation of Taurus.

>The moon represents the virgin mary (and/or the other two marys from the bible to a lesser extent) in lower level freemasonary. In higher level freemasonary the moon just represents the moon but has associations with orion seeing as theres lots of goddesses associated with orion in groups of three like for example, the triple moon goddess of Wiccan beliefs which represents the three stars in orion's belt.

>In terms of lower level freemasonary the all seeing eye also represents the apostle Paul who suffered from an eye disease in the bible, but in terms of ancient egyptian mythology he lost his eye to his counterpart Seth aka the apostle Barnabas in a fight. In terms of Higher level freemasonary the eye represents Orion which I believe to be the lambda orionis nebula (I have tried Draconis and lyra, they didnt fit the mythology) Contactee Alex collier says that there is a star system in Orion called cyclopsis (syclopseuse) and I wonder if its anything to do with that.

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Terran resistance: -


Terran resistance: I must have edited these images a billion times by now

and i have still have yet to put the evidence in which lead me to these conclusions ... *sigh*

Terran resistance: shakespeare

Mine eye and heart are at a mortal war
How to divide the conquest of thy sight;
Mine eye my heart thy picture's sight would bar,
My heart mine eye the freedom of that right.
My heart doth plead that thou in him dost lie--
A closet never pierced with crystal eyes--
But the defendant doth that plea deny
And says in him thy fair appearance lies.
To 'cide this title is impanneled
A quest of thoughts, all tenants to the heart,
And by their verdict is determined
The clear eye's moiety and the dear heart's part:
As thus; mine eye's due is thy outward part,
And my heart's right thy inward love of heart.

heart and eye alpha and omega?

then the heart could be a symbol for the hyades cluster or for the hollow earth perhaps

Terran resistance: pfffft trying to get this flippin right and its annoying me

shooting star is defo not mira....

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