A little bit of enlightenment

A little bit of enlightenment
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LoveTruthPeace: WoW

I couldn't have said it better.

bluesbaby5050: Nice!

And those words are so True TR. This is a Beautiful Waterfall. Thanks.

imagine dragons88: thats nice TR

Thats a better post terran resistance. For those who are already enlightened and awake. I try to post some good stuff that everybody can relate and easy for them to understand so when humans visits this site its easy for them. Basic first steps are the keys to enlightenment you cannot just do it quickly and jump over to the top.

bluesbaby5050: That's correct............

It takes alot of years to accomplish this. It will take many lifetimes of preparations to achieve this state. A spark turns into a flame, and this flame will expand, and it will keep expanding though experiences in every incarnation into the higher dimentional levels of light.There is alot of work one has to do on intergration on ones inner self for personal growth along their soul path, by cleaning, and clearing out their attic ,and basements of innerconsiousness. One has to push aside the ego to get to ones true self.

imagine dragons88: you got that right bb

Yeah thats what i was trying to say. Lol. Based on my personal experience i started questioning what i have learned from childhood and ceases to believe on religions and thats when my journey searching for the truth begins. Its like you have to unlearn what you have learned. Same as having to reformat your brain like computer. Lol :)

Thanks bluesbaby

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