Kali the destroyer

Kali the destroyer

Kali the destroyer.
Doing the Satanic tongue gesture.

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wmarkley: god

That dont look like no god to me, it looks like a 10 armed freak carrying the wrong knife to a gun fight.

Terran resistance: LMAO

Yet satanists of the masonic kind still worship him, they must be out of their god damn minds.

I believe it was in an Indiana jones film, where the Kali cultists pull a heart out of a sacrafice then lower him into a lake of fire.

It was only until the british showed up in India, that Kali worshipping stopped because they were so horrfied by it.

Terran resistance: The worshippers of Kali

The worshippers of Kali made lots of human sacrafices to him, the followers were called thugees, where the word thug comes from.

wmarkley: worship

Humanity needs to wake up to who we are, the true Creator GOD doesnt want, nor need to be worshipped. Any Being who calls him/herself a God, and wants to be worshipped, should get their ASS kicked. worship is something that SLAVES do. Humanity needs to get the slave out of his mentality, never get on your knees for anyone, especially GOD. The true Creator doesnt want you on your knees, there is no FREE WILL on your knees. Its better to die on your feet, than to live on your knees.

wmarkley: Abzu

A while back i read " The Lost Book Of Enki," it was a fascinating story, many people write it off as fantasy, or fiction. I always believed that the truth would eventually show itself. Now maybe it is. scientist found the lost civilation in the Abzu.: http://viewzone2.com/adamscalendarx.html

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